Saturday, August 29, 2009


Columbine was the first of the mass murders in our nations schools, it was viewed as the most important story of 1999, and was followed 'very closely' by 70% of the nation.

A few things the media missed at Columbine: Daniel Rohrbough was one of the first teens murdered at Columbine on April 20, 1999, ten years ago. Last week, I spent a few hours with his dad Brian for a video interview. Brian has some inflammatory things to say about both the media and the authorities who covered and handled Columbine. As in, they totally bungled it.
In particular, the media was determined to paint Klebold and Harris as lonely losers who targeted jocks and blacks. Wrong. In fact one of the killers was at his prom a few days before April 20th. There were no real targets, Harris and Klebold wanted a body count.

In fact, a huge headline at Columbine should be what did not happen. These two wanted big carnage. They placed the bombs in a crowded cafeteria then retreated outside to slaughter those who survived the blast as they would have run from the building. In their twisted plans,
the bombs would have brought the library crashing down on the cafeteria, crushing hundreds.
They would have been outside to mow down many more. Thank God the bombs never went off.
The real story is here: one of the killers wore a 'Natural Selection,' t-shirt. The Rocky Mountain News speculated that this must have been a favorite rock band. So wrong again. These two favored German bands, this to underscore their Hitler fascination (April 20th is Hitler's birthday). Natural Selection is shorthand for Darwin's theory that in evolution, nature selects the strong to survive. This was what drove these two. They killed in the school that taught them there were no absolute truths. We shouldn't be shocked when children kill children, they've watched parents kill children in the womb by the millions.

Here is an excerpt of an email from Brian:

I went to court numerous times over seven years to get documents released (about fifty two thousand pages so far) and I deposed the klebold and harris parents. The court sealed those depositions along with another three thousand "sensitive" documents and placed a "protective order" to keep me from disclosing what I learned from the depositions. But I am willing to give my opinion based on facts about these topics and people.
Much of what has been said and written about Columbine is not true. The cause was not "bullying" or the other liberal excuses. harris and klebold said exactly why they were doing this, why they had the right to do this, and how they were going to do this, their reasoning was logical and coherent based on their statements in their "basement videos" and their writings. Most of the people claiming to be experts have never seen either of these, or they are caught up in a social agenda that forces them to ignore this information.

Brian Rohrbough

A memorial in the middle of a park, the high school sits just over the rise, a very dramatic setting.
We interviewed Daniel's father. Brian was articulate, measured and deeply sad. He took responsibility for sending his son to a 'Godless' school teaching a system that led to his murder. He is on a crusade to inform any who will listen about the culture of death that America has allowed to grow up and engulf our children. Brian is now heavily involved in the pro-life movement.
When the memorial first began at Columbine. Someone put up 15 crosses, 13 for those killed, 2 for the killers. Brian Rohrbough called CNN to inform them that in broad daylight he would take down the crosses for Klebold and Harris. "You don't put a memorial for Hitler at a holocaust museum, " he said.
Strong setting, powerful words, with Columbine looming over his shoulder, Brian gave us a
sobering interview about what really was behind the acts at Columbine. Emotional and passionate, he brought two young children to our taping that he has adopted from Russia since the loss of his son.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Glen Eyrie

In the early 1950's Billy Graham nearly bought Glen Eryie for his organization. This is a 67 room castle on 700 acres in west Colorado Springs. Built by Gen. William Palmer, founder of the Springs, Glen Eyrie is one of my favorite places on the planet. Totally secluded, but 10 minutes from the city! Surrounded by the red rocks of Garden of the Gods, this is a special and spectacular place. Now owned by the Navigator's, Glen Eyrie is a gem; over the years I've stayed here many times for events and retreat, this week, we paid a filming fee and used the grounds as a set for some video shooting. Great set, fabulous light and look. This will look terrific on screen.
Bob Waliszewski, from Focus on the Family, is the host of Plugged In Media. He had some
great content for Shattered

Early morning hike up a canyon, I felt 'eyes' on me, looking up, a family of mountain goats were looking down on me. They seemed to be saying, 'Can we help you?'
Early morning breakfast on the Castle porch, living like a king - here's the queen.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Boulder, Colroado

Wolves and serious cyclists on the streets of Boulder. I protected Larissa from both
Pearl Street in Boulder. Always trippy
Mork & Mindy: Robin Williams was a comic genius in the first two years, until the suits at ABC got a hold of scripts. (If this is too much of an old school reference for you: Mork and Mindy was set in Boulder)

When I bailed out of Michigan after college. I blew off a career in Detroit radio to become a ski bum, I headed for Colorado, solo. First stop: Boulder, Colorado. From day one, Boulder has had a 'hipper than thou' vibe. Still does. I loved it then and l love it now. Though I ended up in Estes Park, I have always had a soft spot for Boulder. The Golden Buffs of CU, Pearl Street & later Promise Keepers, all are found in Boulder. Just yards from the canyons of the Rockies, it is full of cyclists, energy and fit people. We spent some time there this weekend and it was sweet.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Too much tech?

When Levi was on his way to teach devo's for the Harvest Team last Sunday morning, he let me drive. This is an upgrade. On Daniel's video shoots, I get to cater. Anyway, as we were screaming down the 5 freeway in OC, Levi was watching Jon Courson fill in for him at Fresh Life in Montana, live on his Mac Laptop, studying for the teaching on his Kindle and periodically barking out texts to all points north. What frightened me was the deranged look on his face when he observed, 'And these aren't even all my toys!'
I'm glad he wasn't driving.
All I had was a lousy Iphone, don't be concerned that I took this pic at about 75 mph, So Cal drivers do all this and more.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Next Billy Graham?

I can put an end to the speculation. Though national media have made much of Greg Laurie becoming the next 'Billy Graham,' I can assure you that will not happen. There will be no next Billy Graham. Couldn't be, and shouldn't be. Just as there was not a 'next John the Baptist,' etc.
However there can be someone greater than Billy Graham! Remember, even Jesus said, 'there will be those who come after me who will do greater things than I did. Greater in a quantitative way, not qualitative, because it will be hard to surpass walking on water or rising from the dead! But Jesus preached to relatively few people while on earth, men like Billy Graham have exceeded Jesus' personal reach, and thus fulfilled His prediction.
So has Greg Laurie. This weekend was the 20th anniversary of Harvest Crusades, and in two decades 4 million people have personally heard the gospel at Crusades, not to mention those who hear and see through various media outlets.
I have connection with the Crusades over the years at many levels, and have been to many of them in different states. I was at a Harvest Celebration (forerunner of Crusades), in 1977 at the Aloha Bowl in Honolulu. I was just saved, and seeing Greg, Pastor Chuck, Sweet Comfort and Daniel Amos pretty much blew my doors off. Lots of other tangental points over the years:
coordinating Crusades in New Mexico, Levi dancing in Kids Crusades (ha!), Daniel going forward in Anaheim, etc.
This weekend was over the top though, Levi was back on stage, but not dancing! And crowds were out of control, standing room only, and people were standing at the gates, watching through fences! Amazing. Altar calls filled the outfield and the music of Third Day, Chris Tomlin & Crystal Lewis filled the air. Excellent.
The grand finale was a huge fireworks display with live music from Chris Tomlin- heavenly.
It didn't hurt that I was able to hang out in a Skybox with Jennie, Liv and Lenya, and that we were able to capture all the content I hoped for and more in video interviews for Riptide.
And on Monday, we hooked Don Stewart for an excellent shoot: 'The Biography of Satan,' for Shattered.
As Ephesians says: ... exceeding and abundantly beyond all we can ask......'

Quick snapshots and commentary below.

Come just as you are, Crystal Lewis leading worship as masses come forward Sunday night at the Angels Stadium in Anaheim.
Overtime celebration for the real Angels in heaven.
"Virtual Levi," and larger than life. Co-hosting the crusade with Pastor Chuck and Rick Warren.
Who is this kid?

Rick Warren, 'dropped by,' and was kind enough to give us an interview for Riptide. He also hugged me. Nice guy, if his next book was about Flipper, it could be,
The Porpoise Driven Life.'
Daniel, on the left field set as we prep Chris Tomlin for his interview. He can sing too.
Cathe Laurie, 'hit it out of the park' with her interview for Riptide.
Some people think Angel Stadium was built for baseball games. Not so. Revelation says ALL things were created for the glory of God. Just as the Romans thought they were building their roads for legions and commerce, we know, they were really built for Paul and his first century team! So, this stadium's greatest purpose has been to hold two decades of annual Harvest Crusades. This weekend, the biggest ever. Epic.
Amazing $10 million dollar video truck at Harvest. They also used this for the Emmy's. Sweet.

Lenya & Jennie

A weekend in Orange County was made all the sweeter because Levi was able to bring the whole family with him to the Harvest Crusade. As you see in this picture, (courtesy of Stephanie Chapin) Lenya is enjoying the view.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

So Cal: Love it!

Roaming around Fashion Island in Newport Beach. Someone appears to be on my shoulders.
Levi, Jennie, Alivia & Lenya pre-crusade at the Stadium

In So California for some video work at Harvest Crusades with Cathe Laurie & Chris Tomlin.
Monday, we interview Don Stewart for Shattered.
Added bonus, Levi is the M/C at Harvest Crusades, and I get to see lots of friends on the Harvest team at the stadium.
Off the charts event. Details to follow.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sedona, Arizona

Nate at Sedona Bike & Bean. Coffee and cycling, my kind of shop
Skip, the 'One Take Wonder'

Stand in Talent
The Crew on the Job

Sedona, Arizona is a spectacular location near the Grand Canyon, not far from Flagstaff. John Wayne, Gene Autry and even Elvis made movies here. Easy to see why.
Over the years, I have been able to get there holiday or when I've done some radio consulting or outreach in AZ. This week, we chose Sedona for the setting for our anchor work with Skip & Nathan for the documentary, 'Shattered.' Perfect choice. Shattered is about how the occult is increasingly integrated into society through media, movies, the internet etc. Sedona is all about the occult, and the setting was gorgeous and the interviews were strange. Just what I wanted. Next: Columbine, Colorado Springs & Santa Fe.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Midnight at the Oasis

Midnight, mountain time and I am outside on our lanai. It's a stunning summer night in New Mexico and I am doing research that is not my idea of a good time. We are right in the middle of a new documentary, 'Shattered,' about avenues of the occult into modern American families. The Bible says be simple concerning evil. Good advise. So I have been purposefully ignorant of the growing trend in vampire movies, evil role playing games and the like. But to write a script it is helpful to know a little bit of what you are talking about. So, I reluctantly rented Twilight on my Itunes and I'm watching alone while I write copy for a shoot we have Tuesday in Sedona, Arizona. Now it's kind of creepy out here. I may need to sleep with a light on.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Post Traumatic Stress Therapy: Jaxon & Motown

Dealing with post American Airlines/Dallas traumatic stress syndrome. I thought the best therapy would be a little Jaxon & a little Motown. I was right. 
 We'll see how I do flying to Sedona Monday and So Cal next weekend. 

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Planes and Trains.....

Director John Hughes died today, he directed two epic 80's films, Home Alone and Ferris Bueller, along with the Breakfast Club. He also directed Planes, Trains and Automobiles which reminds me of my last day and a half. Okay now, I have travelled my share, but today was out of control. Everyone has travel horror stories of delays and missed connections. I have plenty of those. I have slept at DIA  in Denver during snowstorms, been diverted from Manilla to Tokoyo  and taken every imaginable form of transportation to get to Montana. But this....

I have been pointing to this Summit meeting in Virginia since January. 
I am  providing Connection content to a company working with  Fox/Disney to create a faith/family channel  on the hugely popular site. 

I was to meet with Jay Sekulow and some CBN heavyweights and I was stoked.  I never made it to the meeting.
I will not bore you with the gory details, 30 hours, three airports,  seven security checks,  and I never made it past Texas.  My first flight took off and we did not make it out of ABQ! 
That should have been a sign.  American Airlines lured me into complacency by upgrading me to First for the whole flight for some unknown reason.  Just as I was settling into my spacious seat and dozing off, the pilot said, 'We have a minor problem and are turning back to Albuquerque.' First of all, there are no 'minor problems' at 30,000 feet.  It all spiralled out of control from that point. I was doomed.  

Airports can be their own little hell. We shuffle mindlessly through security like sheep to slaughter, abandoning all sense of personal right. Today, I was a zombie, I do not give up easily, but when the final flight took off for Norfolk, and I was still #1 on standby, with my face pressed against the airport window.

 I was a defeated man. It was pathetic. But the worst was yet to come. Once I decided to surrender and return to ABQ,  American told me the next flight was tomorrow at noon.  48 hours after I began my journey to nowhere.  Stopping short of going postal, I crawled to a different airport (Love Field) and  slithered home on Southwest, a broken man. 
But I will get back on the horse.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Bob Waliszewski
Fifteen years after he began his Plugged In tenure, Bob ) is Focus on the Family's Director of Media and Culture. His weekly "Plugged In Movie Review" radio feature is heard on hundreds of U.S. radio stations.
In about 1989 Focus on the Family moved from So Cal to Colorado Springs. I was living there then, as I co- owned two radio stations, KCMN  & KCBR. It rocked the community to have Focus bring an army of committed Christians into the city. Before long, 1500 employees worked on the Focus campus just across from the Air Force Academy, which is one of the top tourist attractions in the state.  As you can imagine, Focus needed lots of radio and tv talent and eventually hired, at least part-time, almost everyone I knew in the Christian radio community.  So, I ended up having lots of friends on campus and still do. Monday I stopped in to see  a friend and was able to sit down with Bob W.  who is director of media and culture. 
He has agreed to be a core interview in our upcoming Shattered documentary. He knows his stuff and knows how to deliver a sound bite. This is a nice addition, and the project is coming together nicely for a 10.31 launch.