Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sunday, January 25, 2009

A New Mrs. Lusko!

Alivia!Levi & Daughter
Golden hour for Southwest sunshine: Snapped Daniel & Leanne

Wedding day for Daniel and Leanne. Beautiful Southwest day. Lots of friends and family around.  A little drama before game time when Daniel's dog Einstein escaped as all the men in the wedding party were jetting for the church. Picture 8 tuxedo's combing the streets! 
Once found, Einstein tripped Daniel at a dead run- down with torn tuxedo and bloody hand. Nice. Nothing broken. Quick (very) trip to Mr. Tux: Disaster averted. 
Great day!  Being able to perform the ceremony was a real honor. 

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Incoming! Levi-Daniel-Heidi-Becca & Jesse

Five Lusko Children in one place at one time. Not sure if Josh took this picture, but he is below with his fiancee Tamara. Plus Alivia, Lenya & Jaxon. Our tribe increaseth.
Woof. God does beyond all we can ask. 

Leanne! Welcome to Luskoland

Leanne  & her fam from Seattle are in town, and the excitement is building!  I have 
the amazing honor of performing the wedding. Wow. 

Josh & Tamara: Engaged!

Jesse and Bekah In Santa Fe

Monday, January 19, 2009

Exponential Growth in Lusko Land

Family night blew up Sunday in Luskoland. Daniel's fiance Leanne brought her sisters and Mom over as we prepare for the wedding this weekend. In from Seattle, Helen, Nova and Olivia were part of making it a rowdy event. Jaxon crawled around and made noises only a 13 month old is capable of.

Monday, January 12, 2009

All you need is.....

Excellence in art, music, dance and athletics, that's what I love about Cirque de Soleil.
A Canadian troupe with numerous shows. I've seen Ka, Mystere and now LOVE. Wow.
Hard to describe have to see it to believe what they do. They make the unlikely look easy.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

North to Montana

I always expect an aviation adventure when going to visit the tribe of Levi. I was not disappointed this time.
The snow, ice and delays didn't phase me. When the pilot in Salt Lake announced, "We can 't move until
someone in front moves to the back of the plane,' I knew I was on a special trip. The Kalispel airport had been closed,
but we slithered in. Worth every white knuckle. Always a treat to be manipulated by Alivia and charmed by Lenya.
No contest, the highlight was watching multiple Davey and Goliath Episodes.

Aloha 09

O9 is on track. I try to start with a tennis game on January 1.
The weather permitted!  Nice hitting at Tanoan.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Adios 08

Truth be told, there is no such thing as 2008. Our calendars are whack. Julian,
solar, lunar, who knows. Jesus may have been born on the Fourth of July.
But then, the British could not have Christmas, because.... they don't celebrate the
Fourth of July in England.
The Chinese think this is the year of the Iguana, and at Connection Communications, it is the year of the bumble bee. But for the sake of sanity and some order, let's look back on 2008 from the frontiers of Luskoland.

Highlights: Jesse and Josh headed to CCBC in So Cal. two more in the Calvary Compound!
Daniel proposed and is on the runway for a January 24 take-off. Heidi did better in Honors Algebra then Art at Hope. (A Lusko first) Larissa and I spent nearly a month in Israel over the year, also took work trips to Morocco & Turkey, and were able to weasel 24 hours in Paris. It was no picnic, when I am overseas, I tend to work on site on the film project by day and keep up with work hours in ABQ. That has to stop. I did get to walk around the final lap of the Tour de France, in downtown Paris. That was epic.
Lance is going back this summer, and if the Gods of Frequent Flyer Miles smile on me, I will see it. In a perfect world, I would get to go to Wimbledon the first weekend of July, then Chunnel to France and see an ascent like Alp'dHuez.
Lowlights: Lenya's health and also in Montana, Levi did an Evil Knievel on snow and snapped his femur. High drama and trauma. I still get sick to my stomach when I think about it. Imagine how he feels.
The U.S. crashed into financial recession. Welcome to my world. I've been in a monetary death spiral for some time, but a few new projects give a glimmer of hope and change. Yipes. That's what Obama said.
But then there is Jaxon. And Alivia & Lenya! Now these three are amazing!
Spiritually, it was a high and holy year. I produced an international conference in Jerusalem (that was a challenge, sound & video people speak a different language, to start with... ) but it worked out. I probably overreached on that trip, in addition to bringing 800 people on a tour with Skip, Chuck and Joel, we did the conference, and shot footage for two different documentaries that are coming out. Here's a trailer for one of them:

Event wise- it was an amazing year, Levi blew it up at the O2 experience. I was able to work on stage with Lee Stroebel, Joel Rosenberg and others, what am I doing there?
In December, found myself filling in for four services at CCABQ. Wednesday's are one thing, but a weekend is a large dog. Quite an honor for a retired hippie like me. I hadn't done a weekend at Calvary since The Disaster in 2000.

Lots to be thankful for- a wonderful wife who is teaching studies at Women at Calvary.
Great, I used to be someone, now, I am Larissa's husband and Levi's Dad.
Becca manages a Mac store in uptown ABQ and Larissa works right next door at Lucky Jeans, I have been able to work on projects with Daniel all over the world with more in the que. He worked on a network TV show this fall, and stopped returning my calls briefly. A sign of things to come when he really hits it? Just kidding.

All in all- it was a very good year- I have to go now, I have a stellar idea for a book about dolphins: The Porpoise Driven Life.
Grace and Peace.