Friday, June 11, 2010

Collide Magazine | Church Spotlight: Fresh Life Church

Officially one of my favorite coffee places on the planet, (and that is saying a great deal) Montana Coffee Traders in Whitefish.Daniel directing as I interview Levi for Riptide at the Liberty Theater

Three and a half years back, Levi left the warm vibe of Southern California for the frontier of Montana. Quite a leap. Levi could have stayed comfortably on staff at a mega-church, but elected to take a serious spiritual adventure. He did not choose a soft landing. The Flathead Valley of Montana could not be more different from Orange County. Let's just say Levi is not a
flannel and pick-up kind of guy. Long story short: God has moved and a remarkable work has sprung up. Levi took some homies (sp) with him, a spiritual bratpack from ABQ & SoCal.
Best analysis came from a Calvary ABQ team that visited, after walking through the church and seeing what God was doing through a bunch of former youth group leaders, he said:
'Where are the grown-ups, and who tells you guys when to go to bed?!" Answer: No one does.

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Collide Magazine | Church Spotlight: Fresh Life Church