Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Few Thoughts about the Enemy

Just back from a couple of days shooting for Shattered in San Francisco and the Berkeley area.
It was eye opening. Granted, California means extremes and that holds true for spiritual counterfeits. The coast often imports strange fire and it spreads east. In particular, Satanism is deeply ingrained in the bay area. It may seem dramatic, but the National Church of Satan is alive and well. We interviewed a former Church of Satan member (see below) and went to one of several active 'fellowships.' Trippy, and not to be taken lightly.
Also interviewed Tal Brooke and shot an interview with Todd Spitzer in Peoples Park near UC Berkeley. This was the famous stomping grounds for radicals and activism in the 60's. Today, it is filled with burnouts and the homeless.
So how did the whole utopian summer of love deal work out? Not too well.
This is an illustration of how Satan still is rolling out the lies of Genesis 3.
'You can be your own God!' When that blows up, he leaves man in the dust.
Same old song and dance.
High above Berkeley and the Golden Gate Bridge, we found a nice scene for some stand-ups with Skip
An old friend, Todd Spitzer, lives in Berkeley and runs a primo coffee enterprise. Todd and I go way back to ABQ, and he hooked us up with an excellent interview, and we ate some rocking Indian food.
Yes, this is the senior pastor of CCABQ, we are at the address in San Francisco where the church of Satan began. Skip is amusing himself and cutting what will end up as an out take.
Interviewing Chris, he was in the National Church of Satan, and on staff. His job? Going to Christian churches in the Bay and recruiting the disaffected. Nice tactic.
But, alas, one day he heard a teaching in John 15 and came out of Satanism and into the real church. Isn't that just like the Lord? Satan is doomed.
Alcatraz on the right. Don't want to go there.

The best part of traveling (when I must go alone)? Coming home, here is the greeting committee at the airport, Larissa and Jaxon.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Week in a whirl

Young Skip, Other Skip, see story below......

A week ago, I woke up in Philadelphia, on the tail end of a week vacation. Of the 50 largest cities in the USA, this is one I had never been to. Boston, Austin and San Antonio are the only other signifcant cities that remain. I mean really, do I need to see Tulsa, Pittsburgh & Jacksonville? Eventually, I will see Boston for the history and Austin for the biking. (Lance lives here) I will go to San Antonio just because of the Alamo. We cannot forget the Alamo.
Anyway, Philly was a pleasant surprise. We stayed right downtown by the major historical sites, so I took an early morning hike around the highlights. Loved it.
People in Philly were friendly and outrageously out of shape.
Cheesesteaks have taken their toll.

Washington Park. 2,000 + Rev war casualties are buried here, right in downtown Philadelphia.
Man, you can FEEL the history here.

Independence Hall. You know this story, but very cool.
Random photo on the iphone this week. Which is faster, Skip's Harley or My Little Pony?
Neither, they are sitting still at P.F. Changs.

Heidi Summer on the backside of a cross country race Saturday in Elena Gallegos. 2.8 miles in the foothills. See the endorphins in her eyes?
Jesse Jeremiah, best man in a wedding Saturday. He & Bekah are just about 100 days away.
Larissa and Jaxon at the petting zoo of the State Fair. Note that the sheeps coat and Larissa's hair are nearly identical. Jaxon is amused by this.
The week is wrapping up with a reenactment of a chapter of Skip's life for Shattered. Here's Daniel in director mode.
Rebecca and a 'young Skip' getting ready for his close up.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hipsters in Montana

Who says fashion doesn't thrive in Montana? Check out Jennie & Levi at Crystal's birthday
'prom,' last Friday.

And, then there is New Mexico & the State Fair:


One good thing about the New Mexico State Fair this year is the tigers.

For longer than I care to admit, I have gone dutifully each year to the State Fair. Usually because
we have a live radio event, and partially because my family drags me there.
Very bad food, (see above) & very lame entertainment.
I do enjoy going to the horse barns and shows, and then there are the barbeque turkey legs.
And that is about it.
This year however, they had some very hip Bengal tigers. Seven to be exact, and they rocked. I am not a cat person, but you have to love a 450 pound white tiger moonwalking on his hind legs.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Inside the Revolution Documentary Trailer

September 11th, my son Daniel released his latest documentary: Inside the Revolution. Sobering content about radical Islam, amazing content about revival in Muslim countries.

Daniel did a nice job producing and directing this project.

Check out the trailer below. And the website:

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Like the Wind

Jesus said that the Holy Spirit moves like the wind, unpredictable, but powerful. I have observed that when you get in a flow of the Spirit, it's like being on a windsurfer, something strong and invisible sweeps you along. If you cooperate, it is a sweet ride. I think a lot of times in the church we try to replicate this event, or pretend we don't need it. Thus, lots of dry,
difficult projects scrape by, joyless and powerless. But, when He moves, get in the flow or get out of the way. In my narrow 30+ year experience of walking with the Lord, I've done both.
In California & ABQ, I found a serious Spirit slipstream and flowed with it nicely. At other times, I have tried to duplicate an environment that the Holy Spirit, should have moved in. That is zero fun.

All that to say, at Fresh Life in Montana, Levi and the Lost Boys are riding the wave. It seems so natural, but it is powerful. Numbers aren't everything, but fruit is, and people are getting saved and baptized. From 5 people to 1500 in 18 months is some pretty fine fruit.

And such a Motley Crew to do it. That's another sign the Lord is in it!
The Crew on Whitefish Mountain. The Lord assembled a tight team at Fresh Life. My favorite comment came from an ABQ teen on a summer outreach to Montana. Walking around the church and observing offices of young pastors he said, 'Where are the adults, and who tells you guys when to go to bed?'
I was in town last week to lock down KFLF, Fresh Life Radio. Think teaching by Greg Laurie followed by Switchfoot & Blindside. Christian radio with an attitude that won't hurt your ears. Just imagine the anti-K-LOVE! Imaging Liner: KFLF, You're welcome to listen, but we don't really care, we like this song.
KFLF radio, 91.3 FM. When this lights up later in the month, it will turbo charge the church.
How to know when you need to expand: When people sit on the street to watch service on TV.
The Strand Theatre, full to the gills on Sundays.
Solution: Buy the Liberty Theatre across the street. Kind of the ultimate video campus.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Welcome to Montana

Getting off the plane at Glacier Int Airport I was greeted by this band of refugees.
Coy, Devan, Levi, Josh, Eric and Kevin- the staff of Fresh Life. No limo, but a huge sign........

How could I miss this?
Off to a Fresh Life 'staff meeting,' at Alpine Slide of Whitefish Mountain. Very competitive, we timed ourselves on our Iphones. Josh Bowers claimed to win.
Angry eyes from Lenya at Famous Daves. She wanted dessert.
Alivia- and a moving rendition of 'One Way Jesus.'