Monday, March 30, 2009

It's a tennis miracle!

Just when I thought my tennis career was over due to knee pain, voila! A miracle anti-inflammatory drug has me back on the courts.
I retired from basketball some time ago, about the time of Michael Jordan's second retirement,
(but with somewhat less fanfare and public grieving). But really, the wear and tear of b-ball cost me on the tennis courts. I won't be playing twice a day as I once did at the Colorado Springs Raquect Club, but... I will be playing. PTL.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Heidi On Track

Spent most of Saturday at the Husky Invitational Track meet. 
Heidi Summer ran the 200 & 400 and won her heat in both. 
Excellent. She is following in the track spikes of her brothers
Daniel & Jesse, and back in the day, Dad.  In those days- 
events were measured in yards not meters. So the 400 today was the 
440 back then etc. Track is generally the anti-team sport, the relays being the 
exception. For me, it was very different coming out of a basketball/football team 
mentality. When I hit track season it was every man for himself.  I did however break 
a state record in a relay- but it was in the solo 800, that I made it to the state finals. 
Heidi is only a sophomore- I'm predicting she can do the same as a senior in the 400 or 
if she gets her head around it, the 800. You heard it here first. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Here's my little buddy Jaxon.  He grew a lot while I was overseas- and he grew some hair. 
I met him for afternoon tea at Hadley's yesterday. Mainly, he looks for dogs.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Back in the CCBC with Jesse

Of course my trip home from England included a sweet 9 hour lay over at LAX. Perfect after a 12 hour flight. What to do in so Cal from 8 PM- 5 AM….Hmmmmm?  So, off to Calvary Bible College for some late night fellowship with Jesse J.
All things working together.......Excellent conversation but less than excellent food choices at IHOP in Murrieta. 
Bible College agrees with J-Dog, he is fiery, passionate and absorbing like a sponge.
Looking forward to working side-by-side with Jesse when he begins serving at CCABQ this summer. I could not ask for more.

It is a treat for me to be able to work with my children in ministry- movies with Daniel, Levi was on staff at CCABQ and we are working together
on a radio station in Montana, and now Jesse... 
Well I think this is how the Lord might feel when we work in the ministry with Him- if we choose to 'Be about the Father's business.'
I must process this further.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Battered but unbowed in London

headed home from the continent. 16 days of non-stop video shoots in three languages. four if you count american.
like this British soldier- I am battered but not beaten by the process. Victory in Jesus!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Europe in A Blur

Mind the Gap?
Calvary Castle at Millstatt, Austria.
My Jason Bourne Mercedes flashing through Europe
Johann Strauss Statue in Vienna
Flying through the Austrian Autobahn in a black mercedes in the middle of the night. Very Jason Bourne like....until I looked up and saw an "Italia' sign, whoops, Jason wouldn't overshoot a whole country, but I did. Only by 5 klicks though. Made it from Vienna to the Calvary Castle in Milstatt. Very cool. I've wanted to to see this for 20 years. Postcard. Shot some great video with Skip and the Austria crew then saw half of Austrian Alps in the daytime. Epic.
Off to London to mind the gap and see what happened to Spurgeon.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


....homesick. Wow-on the road for some radically good projects, but very ready to be home.
Traveling is taking a toll. Plus- trying to work in multiple time-zones is making me more
schizo than usual. I need to be grateful for what I am seeing & doing- but I missed Heidi's track meet today, and that I do not like.

Monday, March 9, 2009

India Postcard

These are Gospel for Asia students heading for church on the GFA campus. When they sang,
"I Will Follow Jesus," you could tell they meant it.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Tomb with no view

Here is the required shot of me at the Taj Mahal (aka: Hood Ornament of Death)
Forgive me if I am not overwhelmed by the romantic gesture of this Raj building a huge
grave stone for one (!) of his wives. Spare me, even if she was his 'favorite.'

Saturday, March 7, 2009

KP Yohannnan - of Gospel for Asia

I spent an hour interviewing the head of Gospel for Asia, a good friend- KP
He has been used wonderfully over the past 30 years- GFA is blue chip stock!
Investing in it brings great returns. Like buying Apple shares in '84!

Guest house we are staying at on GFA campus

Saturday in the Jungle

After leaving frantic Delhi and the Hood Ornament of Death (The Taj Mahal) I
did not know what to expect from South India and the GFA Campus. Wow. It could not
be more excellent. While up north we were able to teach at a GFA school of ministry 
(they have 64!) and visit a school they have set up to bring homeless kids off the streets of
Delhi, Mumbai and Calcutta (they have 50,000 kids so far). So you get the feel for the 
scale of this work in a land of 1. 2 billion. 
But in the south the GFA campus is 100 acres that could not be more different what we saw elsewhere.
Tropical and spotless, this could be Hawaii or Belize. Heavy jungle air PLUS the presence of the Lord. 
There is a 3,000 seat auditorium and hundreds of incredibly polite students. I could go on and on, but look at some pictures.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

India Update

Greetings or Namaste from Delhi, India- 
17 hour in the air and we were at GFA headquarters. 
Skip, Gino and I spoke to several hundred GFA missionary students.
Very dedicated and attentive. 
Today we drove to the Taj Mahal for filming. Long drive- rough roads, insane drivers. 
i guess when they believe in reincarnation they feel they can risk a few lives on the road.
Pretty much the Taj is an ornament to death. Shiny but empty. 
Flying south to Cochin tomorrow for more ministry and more monkeys. 
Keep us in prayer as we pray for you.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

17 short air hours to India!

And surrounded by turbans-
should be an interesting week.