Sunday, March 15, 2009

Europe in A Blur

Mind the Gap?
Calvary Castle at Millstatt, Austria.
My Jason Bourne Mercedes flashing through Europe
Johann Strauss Statue in Vienna
Flying through the Austrian Autobahn in a black mercedes in the middle of the night. Very Jason Bourne like....until I looked up and saw an "Italia' sign, whoops, Jason wouldn't overshoot a whole country, but I did. Only by 5 klicks though. Made it from Vienna to the Calvary Castle in Milstatt. Very cool. I've wanted to to see this for 20 years. Postcard. Shot some great video with Skip and the Austria crew then saw half of Austrian Alps in the daytime. Epic.
Off to London to mind the gap and see what happened to Spurgeon.


Levi Lusko said...

blurry is right--hold your phone still next time!!!

wow--seems like a super trip--would have loved to rendezvous---next year in Jerusalem.


jennie said...

you're such a traveling machine - i hope we can go back there someday, love it there!

Nichol Naranjo said...

Looks like fun!! I bet it's beautiful!!
Send my love to Larissa!!!

Becca Clay said...

You know I'm chuckling at that story. Where in the World is Chip Lusko today?