Thursday, January 31, 2008

When the wall was snow white

Snow in Israel

I heard from some friends in Israel yesterday that a heavy snowstorm hit Jerusalem.
The city is full of hills and most folks don't have snowtires so, the city shut down.
I found a new website that has live video streaming of the Western Wall. I've
had a refreshed still pic on my homepage forever, but this is video, and you can
see the Israeli flag waving in the breeze. Someday, the two witnesses will
walk here (so will the anti-Christ!) and the world will watch it live on the web!
Check it out:

Live from Jerusalem!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Meeting Day

Tuesday's are meeting day at Calvary of Albuquerque. Admin, pastor's and assorted appointments.
We worked on buying a large TV buy for our Homeland Security series (
Decided on two Good Friday Services (12 & 3 PM) because last year traffic was backed up to El Paso, Texas. We plan to get a major 'Passion' level worship leader for this.
Reviewed our upcoming conference in Jerusalem (
Scheduled travel to video a documentary in the Galilee for Skip to host about a 1st century boat (
Worked with the president of Promise Keepers to put our a PK edition of the DVD Epicenter ( along with a
Matthew 24 teaching by Skip
Reviewed Skip's newest book, Upon this Rock to be self-published by Connection Communications
Met with Mark, co- producer of a Ben Stein movie about evolution bias at U.S. universities (

but most importantly, before work I went to Starbucks with my son J-Dog, who is teaching tonight at Skate Ministry about the sacrificed life. We looked over a short story by Anton Chekov , The Bet.
Tonight, I am meeting with Daniel Lusko to look over his Morocco footage and . also to talk over his upcoming video trips to D.C., Israel and Jordan.

Slow day. But it is early, (only 3 PM) in any case....I'll get busy tomorrow.

Tuesdays at CCABQ

Monday, January 28, 2008


Tonight I was  part of a live on air tribute to Blackie Gonzalez, founder of KCHF TV,
the NRB, TV station of the year. Interesting.
Blackie was an exuberant man, never a discouraging word, always smiling. Even though I did not always agree with him, we found common ground in Jesus Christ.
He was a strong supporter of Israel, and he was a relentless evangelist.
Blackie left behind four children on earth, but I am sure he met some of his spiritual children when he arrived.
Blackie burned brighter at the end than at the start- a good example.

Lights action

Skip and Lenya on kchf tv

Not Moses

Shofar about to start tv service in Santa fe
Honoring Blackie Gonzalez

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Why starbucks did not make it in Israel

Italian food

This is why Italy never wins their wars
They would rather eat than fight

the everywhere man

My ringtone on my oldest sons phone when I call is Everywhere Man by Johnny Cash. It's for a good reason, in the last week I have been in 4 countries. I don't even know what time zone I am in half the time. But I do know this, I am going to make a go of blogging from time to time so that I can keep some record of my life as it passes by. Hoooowwwwwlll!