Saturday, May 12, 2012

America slides towards the tipping point: When the inconceivable becomes the inevitable

In his pivotal book, 'Slouching Towards Gommorah,' rejected  Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork wrote:
"Despite assurances that abortion decisions did not start us down a slippery and very steep slope, that is clearly where we are, and gathering speed. "

 Life is not stagnant, wisdom watches for trends, and ours  are accelerating in the wrong direction.  The abortion battleground has shifted from death in the womb to partial birth to post birth abortion. Inconceivable? Not anymore. 

President Obama's endorsement of gay marriage was a politically expedient maneuver. Just five years ago this was a toxic topic for politicians, clever that the President's moral 'evolution' coincided with gay marriage sliding into favor for fifty percent of Americans. Hello Sodom! A nation often gets the leadership it deserves.
What's next on the slippery slope?  Let's not be shocked when these roll out:
  • Shut up the opposition, watch for more aggressive hate crimes laws.  Pro-marriage talk will be officially labelled discriminatory and outlawed as hateful. On the radio or in the pulpit, churches and conservative talk must be muzzled. Best of luck with this one. I know a lot of guys ready to join Prison Fellowship.
  • Mainstream pedophilia: Look for the repeal of laws governing the age of sexual consent.  (This should send a chill down the spine of any parent. It would legally allow pedophiles, and homosexuals who were so inclined, to access your children and teens for their own predatory sexual gratification — so long as those children "consented" to having sex.)*                                                               Slouching indeed.
  • Repeal of all legislative provisions that restrict the sex or number of persons entering into a marriage unit.  (Once marriage is redefined, there can be no logical or ethical objection to any conceivable "marriage" combination, including polygamous marriages.)*                                      Woe to those who call good evil and evil good. 
Throughout the Bible there are clear flash points that ignite God's judgement: eating the fruit, building the tower or the notorious Sodomite behavior. When the Lord draws a line in the sand, pity the man who steps across it.  Immoral gravity is pulling the national body politic in America more rapidly down the hill towards the reprobate landing detailed in Romans 1.  Left to our own devices, what was once utterly inconceivable becomes inevitable, as do the consequences, unless intervention reverses our course. This can only happen through the church in a national call to repentance. 

Will we  grasp this serious moment and seize the day? Or will the church quibble about our franchise brands and borders while entertaining ourselves to death as our  nation slips into a moral sewer?
Of course we offer gays grace and not condemnation, sinners of all sexual stripes need Jesus. We can't be guilty of antagonizing our mission field.  (See the book, 'Sinners in the Hands of an Angry Church.') 

For much of its history, the people of Israel mirrored the morality of their king until idolatry became so rampant that even a good king and a strong prophet could not rescue the land. Weeping over an apostate and insolent nation, Jeremiah told king and country it was too late, buckle up and prepare for brutal captivity. 

An inwardly corrupt nation becomes outwardly vulnerable. (Look under Empire, Roman)

That could never happen here? Sharia law could never rule our land. Really?  Be sure to tell the  church in Turkey that.   Once  the cradle for Christianity, Turkey is now ninety-nine percent Muslim. I have been awakened in  Istanbul by the Islamic  call to prayer. If a muzzein provides our wake up call in America, it will be too late.
The inconceivable will have become inevitable. 

 * J. Matt Barber,