Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Five Guys in Colorado......

....this is not a hamburger joint! As I was sitting in a ReFresh Conference at Calvary, Aurora last week, I noticed five guys in the room who had moved from Albuquerque to Colorado to start churches: Gino Geraci, Al Pittman, Fernando Ortiz, Mike Montgomery & Larry Eckton all came from CCABQ. Who was the one guy in the building who moved from Colorado to Albuquerque? Moi. The way of a lone wolf is a solitary path! No complaints & no regrets over the honor I have had to serve in New Mexico, but now I get the opportunity to consult with a new metro radio station in Denver, and I see the Lord bringing me full circle. So ABQ will be my home base while Montana, Miami & Colorado are my new stomping grounds.
Looks like Freq Flyer miles will mount up, while I bring some Connection projects in for landings. Launching the Shattered the DVD is high on my radar, as are putting two new radio Connection stations on the air in Arizona & south New Mexico. After a few days in Colorado last week I spent a day in LA, where I toured the Trinity Broadcast Network with Paul Crouch Jr. TBN has a tremendous global footprint and I have high hopes for what could happen with this platform.
Also dropped into KWVE to see Pastor Chuck and hand deliver a copy of Riptide to him,
almost 2 years to the day when we conducted a two hour interview with him to launch production of the project.

Aisley Rebecca makes her appearance
No words for Jaxon!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Few Days In Fla & A Birthday In the City Different

You might hear about 'monsoon season' in New Mexico, well I went through a minor tropical storm last week in Florida. Nicole rolled through Miami and they cancelled church!
They said it was mild, but man, 20 inches of rain later.....
Amazing thing was, no thunder, no wind, no warning, the heavens just opened and poured warm water. Very tropical, and with no lightening, the pool at my hotel stayed open and swimming was a trip in the storm. Of course I did get wet.
It is going to be nice escaping to South Florida this winter for work, the team at Calvary in Miami is in for a wild ride- it will be fun to go along.
Celebrating my birthday in Santa Fe at Larissa & my favorite place, the La Posada near the Plaza.
Only 45 minutes from ABQ, but a whole different vibe. Great place to write, eat and soak it all in.
This pic is of the Plaza at sunrise.
Friend of animals- sun rising at St. Francis' church
Happy Birthday to me, after 2 years of production, the first shipment of Riptide DVD's arrived.
Thank you Lord. I am very pleased with the outcome, I think it tells the story.
Dozens of interviews, six countries along with blood, sweat etc.......here is the trailer:
www.riptidemovie.com - let me know what you think.