Monday, May 25, 2009

A Weekend with Daniel

 I remember being in Belize and getting an email from my son Daniel while he was in film school in LA, saying he felt like Neo in The Matrix,  when he was plugged in and reprogrammed. He said his instructors were downloading so much data it was amazing.
 I think the transfer was successful. He is growing in his skills like a borg!

Over the weekend, Daniel directed an interview with Mark Driscoll at an epic location, and also did some work on a documentary he is directing about radical Islam.
Using the new 'Red Camera.'

Daniel was in his element, three straight days of shooting for a couple of his projects. He found an outrageous location in the war zone of ABQ. The abandoned Railyard Depot. I have never even seen this huge place, three stories and a block long.  But others have, 
it was the sight for Terminator 4, Transformers and most recently, The Gamer:

It had a eerie, apocalyptic feel. The security guard said stunt guys were flying all over the place for Terminator. When the crew was shooting cyber rifles, passers-by on 2nd street would hit the ground. Nice neighborhood.
Daniel's first feature film is just around the corner.  
For this weekend, he let me cater! He says if I do a really good job, I might get to be a grip on the next project. Fine, as long as he takes my calls.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Coast to Coast (almost)

                                Leanne & Daniel location scouting at a deserted train depot in ABQ.                                                 Terminator 4 & Transformer were both shot here recently.
                                We ran into  film scouts & the producer of Crash
                                wandering around here. Small set. (not really)

                                   High Desert shoot with Skip at a 1600's Spanish mission
                                    Interviewing Bob Coy on the coast in Florida.

The last week has been a blur (what's new) 
A nice trip to Fla. was a thrill a minute thanks to southeast weather & 
Delta Airlines. I'll spare the boring delay details, but we almost spent more 
time in Atlanta than Ft. Lauderdale!  Laid over a whole night on the way home,
Delta was kind enough to give us a T-shirt and a toothbrush because our luggage was still on vacation. Thanks. 
Back home, I had a 4:30 AM crew call on Tuesday for a video shoot in the desert, a lot of
content and no rattlesnakes. 

Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekend Snapshots

Crystal, Brian and company.

Crystal Lewis was in town for the weekend at CCABQ- good times with our Montana friend. 
Wish she could have brought Alivia to handle her CD sales!
Three moms here prowling a MAC store in ABQ. Becca, Crystal and Larissa, in their natural element: shopping, selling and texting.
You might notice that no one is even close to catching Heidi as she crosses the finish line in this 400 meter Regional Heat. No one was ahead of her either. She is one speedy Coyote.

Back on the tennis courts with my friend Paul Dilo. A happy day at Tanoan.  Paul hits a serious ball with the quickness!  I may not have my 4.5 speed, but we keep it in the air.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Land Shark!

As Will Smith famously said during Independence Day: ' I gotta get me one of these!"
Hand made bike frames from Medford, Oregon.  Like the image of a Land Shark. Love the weight even more.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Hunter S. Thompson took his own life a while back. Very sad.  Back in the day he had a profound affect on my journalistic style. Yes, he was a little (lot) twisted, but he had a unique spin on the world that could have led him to Jesus, but I am afraid that did not happen. Hunter lived in one of my favorite towns: Aspen, Colorado, and when he killed himself, Johhny Depp spent big $ for a fireworks show for his ashes. Sadder.
I found this poster at a Pancake House in Nashville by Vanderbilt University.  It pretty well summed up Hunter's life.