Monday, May 25, 2009

A Weekend with Daniel

 I remember being in Belize and getting an email from my son Daniel while he was in film school in LA, saying he felt like Neo in The Matrix,  when he was plugged in and reprogrammed. He said his instructors were downloading so much data it was amazing.
 I think the transfer was successful. He is growing in his skills like a borg!

Over the weekend, Daniel directed an interview with Mark Driscoll at an epic location, and also did some work on a documentary he is directing about radical Islam.
Using the new 'Red Camera.'

Daniel was in his element, three straight days of shooting for a couple of his projects. He found an outrageous location in the war zone of ABQ. The abandoned Railyard Depot. I have never even seen this huge place, three stories and a block long.  But others have, 
it was the sight for Terminator 4, Transformers and most recently, The Gamer:

It had a eerie, apocalyptic feel. The security guard said stunt guys were flying all over the place for Terminator. When the crew was shooting cyber rifles, passers-by on 2nd street would hit the ground. Nice neighborhood.
Daniel's first feature film is just around the corner.  
For this weekend, he let me cater! He says if I do a really good job, I might get to be a grip on the next project. Fine, as long as he takes my calls.

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