Saturday, February 4, 2012

Successful Launch: Heidi off to Bible College

There is a reason the British Empire once ruled the world: The English are so stylish! Our continental cousins act like they have a superior civilization because they do.  Coming from the colonies the first time years ago, I was massively humbled by a London taxi driver (do not think Manhattan, think clean and cool) when I innocently asked him how it sounded to the British to hear an American speak. 

'Have you ever heard someone from the deep south of the U.S. drawl? That's how you sound to us.'

Lesson learned y'all. I now talk as little as possible in the UK.

We made a quick trip to England last week to deliver Heidi to Calvary Chapel Bible College in York.  Good friends Doug and Lisa Keen have planted a church in Hastings, by the English Channel, and they graciously invited us to stay with them and have me teach Sunday morning at CC Hastings. 
No interpreter was provided. 

Doug is a pastor, tennis pro, and good friend - their three girls are precious and have adapted well to England. 

The case can be made that the British empire shrank in concert with a loss of spiritual vigor in the homeland. Once the pulpits of England flamed with Spurgeon, Morgan et al, but that was then. Today the evangelical community is infinitesimal. God certainly has his remnant through Hillsong, Calvary and others, but Doug told of Franklin Graham speaking in York and receiving a response of four hands to a gospel invitation to thousands. Chilling. 

Larissa & Heidi in Cambridge

Our whirlwind trip took us the length of the country, London, Hastings, then north to York.  I chose to pass on trains this time and rent a car. Challenging.  Shifting with my left, driving on the 'wrong side' and navigating with a steering  wheel in the passengers seat.  Not for the faint of heart.

And the GPS did not work. Rubbish

We made a lunch stop in Cambridge to visit the home of my favorite Bible and it was excellent to stroll around the village, Kings College and environs. Inspiring and on the list for a longer stay, perhaps to write much and talk little. 

Then on to York, a walled city where the Bible College is located.  How thankful I am for the Calvary Chapel Bible College system. Heidi is the fifth child to attend a various campus and it is a wonderful to see each child immerse themselves in scripture, each one has grown marvelously from this experience. Thank you Pastor Chuck.

Castle and moat near Hastings

This does leave the Lusko Nest empty of first generation children for the first time in a long time; No worries, we shall reload with g-kids.