Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Holiday Montage

Love the holidays. I love pretty much everything about them. I think the best parts of Christmas are just 
a glimmer of what's ahead in heaven. We are way blessed to have a lot of family in the 505. 
We do have to import the tribe of Levi by Skype or Alaska Airlines, because they are on a mission to Montana.
Here's a few shots from Luskoland holidays:  Heidi & Jesse, Jaxon on the rocks at CCABQ, Daniel and company etc. 

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

daddy-daughter day

shopping at cottonwood
with Heidi & Satan Clause

Fwd: Christmas Eve: Sunrise over the Ssndias

Beautiful morning in New Mexico,
enjoying coffee and working at Starbucks on Tramway

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Daniel in D.C.


Daniel and I were back in D.C. again, as he continues work on a documentary.
We stayed at the historic Hay-Adams hotel with a dramatic view of the
White House as
a backdrop. The stands for VIP inauguration platforms were being
constructed for
President-Elect Obama. Wow.
When we were here for the Epicenter project, we just finished the
interview when the
Secret Service called from the White House saying they wanted us to
close our window.
Nice to know they were watching. This time, Daniel say a huge Marine
Helicopter lift off
from the White House Lawn. Good way to commute.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Taking my name in vain....

A chip on his shoulder?
Of the multiple lame names games people play with 'Chip' (Potato etc)  this explains one I haven't understood till now.

"Having a chip on one's shoulder" is a pretty weird way of saying that someone is spoiling for a fight or has, as we say these days, an attitude problem. I guess it's a tribute to the capacity of human beings to accept bizarre figures of speech in everyday conversation (Is there really "more than one way to skin a cat"?) that some of these phrases have lasted as long as they have.

And "having a chip on one's shoulder" has actually been around for quite a while.

The earliest printed instance of the phrase listed in the Oxford English Dictionary comes from the Long Island Telegraph newspaper in May, 1830. This citation also provides what is probably a good explanation of the origin of the phrase: "When two churlish boys were determined to fight, a chip would be placed on the shoulder of one, and the other demanded to knock it off at his peril." (The "chip" was, in that age of wood stoves, most likely a chip of wood.) Evidently this belligerent ritual of childhood was sufficiently widespread at the time to become a grownup metaphor for combativeness, as it has been ever since.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Truly a T Day in LuskoLand

I've decided it's impossible not to join The Schmaltz Family when it's Thanksgiving time. Truly, I've had more Grace than any
many I know. I could bail out to heaven now and be satisfied that I've seen God work exceedingly and abundantly beyond I could ask or imagine. Hopefully, I have a few more decades to go, but at this point I am deeply, truly thankful for so much.
Salvation- this is where it all begins- with this foundation- the worst that can happen is heaven!
Family- Wow- this is over the top - I have a wife who seeks the Lord as part of her DNA. She is beautiful inside and out, And as is obvious to all. I don't deserve her.
Then, all the children have turned out to be genuine men and women of the Lord. Frankly, I am not sure how I would deal if this weren't the case. But each of them are walking with God. I am so glad to be part of their lives in a real way. And then:
Seriously, it NEVER crossed my mind that grandchildren might appear (Duh) But they did, and it is excellent.
Alivia, Lenya, Jaxon- what a crew.

Thank you Jesus for all the above, below and so much more:
The Bible , Calvary of ABQ, road biking,Pastor Chuck, Belize, Mork and Mindy, trips to Israel,soynog, the Bronco's, Whole Foods, Dr. J.............

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Grand Bazaar

Great deals on leather. One stop shopping in Istanbul

Blue Mosque at Night

View from our hotel in Istanbul- this Mosque has some major history

Back From Turkey in time for Turkey

Iran Air - uh.. no thanks

Sunday, November 23, 2008

6 Airports, 3 Continents,Lost Luggage.. All Worth it

Travelling with Daniel ( to Istanbul for a video shoot he was directing was exhausting and exhillarating.
Daniel is developing into a first rate film maker. In fact, he is way beyond his years in vision, precision and 
editing execution.  In the past we've travelled together on shoots to Israel several times, to Morocco, Greece,Turkey & Italy.
This trip to was a quick one to Istanbul for a 3 hour 'money shot'  with the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sofia in the background. 
The Hagia is one of the 8 wonders of the world, and a former church, now a mosque. It is wild going to Turkey and realizing that this 
was the cradle of Christianity, now thoroughly Muslim.  With Epicenter and other projects (  we are doing 
our best to illuminate this issue. 
Happily, there was a Starbucks in the shadow of the Blue Mosque. 

Chip Lusko
Connection Communications


Friday, November 21, 2008

Daniel on the job in Istanbul

Behind Daniel is the massive Blue Mosque. These guys were not afraid to build stuff. Istanbul was 
the co-capitol of the world with Rome at one time. Named constantinople ,  in the country of Turkey, which was 
once home to all seven churches in Revelation. No more, now 99% Muslim- it should be a lesson. Daniel was there 
using the mosque for a backdrop on a video shoot and it looked terrific.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Study Buddy

Back in the Colorado days, before Logos software, I would enlist Levi, Daniel & Becca to help me go through the grunt work of cross-referencing through Strong's Concordance
and The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge. I'd call out a chapter and verse and they would give me balancing scriptures. Old School. Loved it. 
PC Study Bible changed that, plus they wanted to start charging me for their time. 
So this week,preparing for Wednesday at CCABQ,  while he is still young and naive, (& free)  I enlisted another in the Lusko line, Jaxon Clay- to assist me.
Jaxon did point out that while Dr. John is an excellent expositor, we have to watch his Calvinist leanings. Nice work Jaxon. 

Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Girl's Dream Come True

You  can see the amazement in Alivia's eyes at meeting a live Barbie (Aunt Becca). What you can't see is the 
cool Barbie doll set that Liv just received! She was a very happy little girl. Go Barbie, Go Barbie.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Woof. What a Week!

Wow. Last week was one long high-light reel. I don't have the blogging discipline yet like my children 
'blog as I go.'  So I'll send up some pics later, but in the past week, we had Fall Festival, with Jesse and 
The Levi Fam in town,  Greg Laurie and 450 people coming forward at church  &  Nate Heitzig's wedding. 
Plus the house was just crawling (literally) with Lusko's! Excellent. Photo's  to follow. 

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Greg at the garden

The gospel at Madison Square Garden!

Big Week in Lusko-land

Jesse at Calvary Bible College in So-Cal

M-88 Radio at Chase The Balloons Bike Ride Start

Last week was a huge week:
Chase the Balloons bike ride had over 200 riders (no balloons this year/wind)
  • Heidi's on the homecoming court at Hope Christian
  • A trip to visit Jess & Josh at Murrieta
  • Larissa and my anniversary (Santa Fe)
  • Levi spoke at Madison Square Garden for Harvest Crusades

so much to do, so little time to blog- plus we had some quality time with Becca's  dogs while she and Jason (& Jaxon) were in Colorado.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Heidi Summer & Hope Homecoming

Wow. This is a wake up call. Heidi Summer- pictured here is suddenly really growing up. I'm sure it has actually
been a process....... but as I watched her get ready for Hope Homecoming- it was quite an experience. I will keep my 
feelings to myself, as I don't want to make this the blog for the Schmaltz Family.   But, suffice to say, for me it was 
a milestone day.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Chase The Balloons

Five years ago, a friend and I thought it would be fun to have bike ride when the balloons in 
New Mexico ascend. We put out some advertising and..... he and I showed up, but,
Chase the Balloons was born.   
We had nearly 200 people last year on the ride and we could top that this year. 
I'm doing 50 miles with a pastor friend from City on a Hill and his friends. 
Last year, we hit the balloon lift off just right, we sailed down Tramway just as 
hundreds were ascending, it was amazing. Hope the weather holds and the balloons go

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Premiere Party: Jaxon on the town

We hosted a roll-out party for Daniel's first network program. He is assistant editor on Easy Money, a new program on CW.
It's shot in ABQ, and coincidentally, Larissa was an extra.  It was neat seeing all the ABQ sites, ironically, the one site I did not
recognize (I blame the camera angle) was Del Norte's parking lot. I have only been there daily like for 12 years.
When I said 'Where was that shot-?"  I took some mocking.   Neat night for the family. Daniel will be out of the editing booth on into the director's chair before long.
It was a cool weekend all the way around, I helped host Alert 08 at CCABQ with Tim LaHaye, we i chatted with Jesse and Josh from Bible College and talked to Levi in Philadelphia where he is hosting a Harvest Crusade.  When God says he will bless you beyond all you can ask or think, believe it.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

ABQ Cinema Center

New Mexico has become an amazing center of TV and movie making. Several large studios have or are being built and 
dozens of major films are being shot here. Larissa has been an extra with Kevin Costner and Renee Zellweiger. 
Daniel hooked up a nice job editing a new network TV show. The production company remodeled a Central Ave building into 
a high tech cluster of edit suites where Daniel works. 
They even call the LAX-ABQ non-stops: Hollywood Direct.
Chip Lusko
Connection Communications

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Like Son, Like Father

Levi Lusko at Harvest
Me, in New Mexico
He has cooler shirts

: But I am making progress

Monday, September 15, 2008

Sedona Arizona

Post card perfect sunset

Friday, September 12, 2008

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sarahcuda shirts ( she got one )

Leave it to Lenya to get 'Sarahcuda' shirts made up for the Palin McCain Rally in ABQ. They got some attention.
Actor Robert Duvall introduced them as the Maverick and the Barracuda. This could be a full Esther deal.

Abq rally

John McCain rally Abq

John and Saracuda Palin are in Abq!

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Turning Point

Whatever happens in 60 days, the world will not end after the election. Remember, Paul didn't seem caught up in Roman politics.
But as long as God grants us life in a representative republic, we need to engage to the degree it does not interfere with kingdom business.
So, the election before us is a choice between two America's.  We could be stunned how quickly this country could change dramatically in a
direction that would affect the church. We will adapt and thrive in either scenario, but let's hope & pray for Godly leaders

Friday, August 29, 2008

Harvest Afterthoughts

It may be a little late, but I needed to reflect on the 08 Harvest Crusade at Angel Stadium. I've been to quite a few Harvests and seen the Crusades grow in sophistication and reach. This was quite a special event for different reasons. The tragedy of Christopher Laurie's death overshadowed the days leading up to Anaheim. But once the doors opened, it was clear that the Lord would use this for His own purposes. Greg stepped up and the crowd responded.
It was also a night that Levi hosted and it was amazing to see him easily speaking to a crowd of 45k +. Harvest Crusades have been a significant part of Lusko lives for some time.
I supervised two of them in ABQ, Daniel went forward 12 years ago in Anaheim, and now, Levi is part of the team. Of the dozen Crusades I've seen, Anaheim 08 goes down as one of the most remarkable.... so far.......

Monday, August 25, 2008

Jdog moving into ccbc

Upper bunk in the Spring Lodge

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Heidi @15

Heidi Summer (aka Heidi Coyote) turned 15 this week. If I had one, I would use the Wayback Machine, and keep her from growing up. 
Not really of course. But I am looking forward to these next years with Heidi, when she will be the Lone Ranger upstairs. 
She is a talented young Coyote, she can write, design and pout.
It's amazing how each Lusko child has such different direction and talent set. 
Happy #15  Heidi, I love you very much. 

Thursday, August 21, 2008

MTN biking with Jesse j

Jesse and I had some time in the Sandia's today to mountain bike Elena Gallegos. He is
off to Calvary Bible College this weekend, and I am going to miss him. We hung out, took
communion and solved many of the world's problems.
I know he needs to go, but it is tough nonetheless. I have some track record with this,
having sent Levi, Becca & Daniel off to college. But I still get a little queasy. I've had a houseful for
over 30 years and I love it. Now I must focus all my parenting wisdom on the remaining child.
Lookout Heidi Coyote!
(It does help to know I go to So Cal monthly or more. It's a treat to stop at CCBC)

Sunday, August 17, 2008


So cal culture with Levi

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ten Reasons I Love Montana

Montana is a big state with few people. But some of the ones that live there are among my favorite people on the planet. 
So I have been there about 8 times in the past two years..... and I'm going back every chance I get! 

1. Levi, Jennie, Alivia & Lenya live there.
2. Fresh Life is blowing up- Josh, Eric, Coy, Kevin & Families! 
3. Glacier 
4. 100 fish per day limit on Flathead Lake
5. See #1 
6. Whitefish Mountain has epic views, radical snowboarding and Phantom Trees
7. This is what Colorado was like in '77,  My Hippie inner child is happy here
8. Moose
9. Huckleberry anything & everything
10. Did I mention Aliva & Lenya live here?

Chip Lusko
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