Friday, November 14, 2008

Study Buddy

Back in the Colorado days, before Logos software, I would enlist Levi, Daniel & Becca to help me go through the grunt work of cross-referencing through Strong's Concordance
and The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge. I'd call out a chapter and verse and they would give me balancing scriptures. Old School. Loved it. 
PC Study Bible changed that, plus they wanted to start charging me for their time. 
So this week,preparing for Wednesday at CCABQ,  while he is still young and naive, (& free)  I enlisted another in the Lusko line, Jaxon Clay- to assist me.
Jaxon did point out that while Dr. John is an excellent expositor, we have to watch his Calvinist leanings. Nice work Jaxon. 


Becca Clay said...

Child labor laws are different here in Mexico than they were in Colorado. You get away with so much Pastor Lusko.

jennie said...

what a good grandpa you are!

MatPirolo said...

Gotta love Johnny Mac. Although I am a little surprised Jaxon so easily overlooked cessationalism.