Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ten Reasons I Love Montana

Montana is a big state with few people. But some of the ones that live there are among my favorite people on the planet. 
So I have been there about 8 times in the past two years..... and I'm going back every chance I get! 

1. Levi, Jennie, Alivia & Lenya live there.
2. Fresh Life is blowing up- Josh, Eric, Coy, Kevin & Families! 
3. Glacier 
4. 100 fish per day limit on Flathead Lake
5. See #1 
6. Whitefish Mountain has epic views, radical snowboarding and Phantom Trees
7. This is what Colorado was like in '77,  My Hippie inner child is happy here
8. Moose
9. Huckleberry anything & everything
10. Did I mention Aliva & Lenya live here?

Chip Lusko
Connection Communications


MatPirolo said...

Chip, you make me want to visit Montana so badly. Infact every time I read one of your blogs about Montana, I head straight to the nearest confessional for breaking the tenth commandment.

Levi Lusko said...

Montana loves you too.
it's a cooler state than New Mexico.
Nobody likes living in a city that has the letter Q in it, much less two times.
We have rivers with water that is green and blue not muddy and full of viruses.
Alivia and Lenya love you very much.

My whole staff think you are awesome.

the sun doesnt set until 10 in the summer so we can party all day.

we can have coffee fellowship all the time.

And our church is fresh, literally. but you would make it fresher.

Becca Clay said...
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Becca Clay said...

Yes Montana is cool but you can't wear flip flops year round, you can't pretend your Jimmy Buffet, and you pretty much have to own overalls if you live there. Don't hate on Mexico, err, New Mexico.

jennie said...

great pictures and great reasons to love montana. montana has a chip-and-larissa-shaped hole in it and it's happy every time you get to come visit!