Thursday, August 21, 2008

MTN biking with Jesse j

Jesse and I had some time in the Sandia's today to mountain bike Elena Gallegos. He is
off to Calvary Bible College this weekend, and I am going to miss him. We hung out, took
communion and solved many of the world's problems.
I know he needs to go, but it is tough nonetheless. I have some track record with this,
having sent Levi, Becca & Daniel off to college. But I still get a little queasy. I've had a houseful for
over 30 years and I love it. Now I must focus all my parenting wisdom on the remaining child.
Lookout Heidi Coyote!
(It does help to know I go to So Cal monthly or more. It's a treat to stop at CCBC)


Heidi Lusko said...

I wish you would stop that.
all of the focusing.
it makes me nervous.
I fail in high pressure situations.

jesselusko said...

Man I love you dad. Don't be queizzy, I'll be fine out here and besides, that it's gross. I cant wait for you to visit.