Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekend Snapshots

Crystal, Brian and company.

Crystal Lewis was in town for the weekend at CCABQ- good times with our Montana friend. 
Wish she could have brought Alivia to handle her CD sales!
Three moms here prowling a MAC store in ABQ. Becca, Crystal and Larissa, in their natural element: shopping, selling and texting.
You might notice that no one is even close to catching Heidi as she crosses the finish line in this 400 meter Regional Heat. No one was ahead of her either. She is one speedy Coyote.

Back on the tennis courts with my friend Paul Dilo. A happy day at Tanoan.  Paul hits a serious ball with the quickness!  I may not have my 4.5 speed, but we keep it in the air.

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