Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Coast to Coast (almost)

                                Leanne & Daniel location scouting at a deserted train depot in ABQ.                                                 Terminator 4 & Transformer were both shot here recently.
                                We ran into  film scouts & the producer of Crash
                                wandering around here. Small set. (not really)

                                   High Desert shoot with Skip at a 1600's Spanish mission
                                    Interviewing Bob Coy on the coast in Florida.

The last week has been a blur (what's new) 
A nice trip to Fla. was a thrill a minute thanks to southeast weather & 
Delta Airlines. I'll spare the boring delay details, but we almost spent more 
time in Atlanta than Ft. Lauderdale!  Laid over a whole night on the way home,
Delta was kind enough to give us a T-shirt and a toothbrush because our luggage was still on vacation. Thanks. 
Back home, I had a 4:30 AM crew call on Tuesday for a video shoot in the desert, a lot of
content and no rattlesnakes. 

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