Saturday, March 28, 2009

Heidi On Track

Spent most of Saturday at the Husky Invitational Track meet. 
Heidi Summer ran the 200 & 400 and won her heat in both. 
Excellent. She is following in the track spikes of her brothers
Daniel & Jesse, and back in the day, Dad.  In those days- 
events were measured in yards not meters. So the 400 today was the 
440 back then etc. Track is generally the anti-team sport, the relays being the 
exception. For me, it was very different coming out of a basketball/football team 
mentality. When I hit track season it was every man for himself.  I did however break 
a state record in a relay- but it was in the solo 800, that I made it to the state finals. 
Heidi is only a sophomore- I'm predicting she can do the same as a senior in the 400 or 
if she gets her head around it, the 800. You heard it here first. 

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Becca Clay said...

For being such a winner, she sure doesn't look very happy. Cheer up Heidi, you are faster than everybody else!