Friday, March 20, 2009

Back in the CCBC with Jesse

Of course my trip home from England included a sweet 9 hour lay over at LAX. Perfect after a 12 hour flight. What to do in so Cal from 8 PM- 5 AM….Hmmmmm?  So, off to Calvary Bible College for some late night fellowship with Jesse J.
All things working together.......Excellent conversation but less than excellent food choices at IHOP in Murrieta. 
Bible College agrees with J-Dog, he is fiery, passionate and absorbing like a sponge.
Looking forward to working side-by-side with Jesse when he begins serving at CCABQ this summer. I could not ask for more.

It is a treat for me to be able to work with my children in ministry- movies with Daniel, Levi was on staff at CCABQ and we are working together
on a radio station in Montana, and now Jesse... 
Well I think this is how the Lord might feel when we work in the ministry with Him- if we choose to 'Be about the Father's business.'
I must process this further.

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