Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Few Thoughts about the Enemy

Just back from a couple of days shooting for Shattered in San Francisco and the Berkeley area.
It was eye opening. Granted, California means extremes and that holds true for spiritual counterfeits. The coast often imports strange fire and it spreads east. In particular, Satanism is deeply ingrained in the bay area. It may seem dramatic, but the National Church of Satan is alive and well. We interviewed a former Church of Satan member (see below) and went to one of several active 'fellowships.' Trippy, and not to be taken lightly.
Also interviewed Tal Brooke and shot an interview with Todd Spitzer in Peoples Park near UC Berkeley. This was the famous stomping grounds for radicals and activism in the 60's. Today, it is filled with burnouts and the homeless.
So how did the whole utopian summer of love deal work out? Not too well.
This is an illustration of how Satan still is rolling out the lies of Genesis 3.
'You can be your own God!' When that blows up, he leaves man in the dust.
Same old song and dance.

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