Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Next Billy Graham?

I can put an end to the speculation. Though national media have made much of Greg Laurie becoming the next 'Billy Graham,' I can assure you that will not happen. There will be no next Billy Graham. Couldn't be, and shouldn't be. Just as there was not a 'next John the Baptist,' etc.
However there can be someone greater than Billy Graham! Remember, even Jesus said, 'there will be those who come after me who will do greater things than I did. Greater in a quantitative way, not qualitative, because it will be hard to surpass walking on water or rising from the dead! But Jesus preached to relatively few people while on earth, men like Billy Graham have exceeded Jesus' personal reach, and thus fulfilled His prediction.
So has Greg Laurie. This weekend was the 20th anniversary of Harvest Crusades, and in two decades 4 million people have personally heard the gospel at Crusades, not to mention those who hear and see through various media outlets.
I have connection with the Crusades over the years at many levels, and have been to many of them in different states. I was at a Harvest Celebration (forerunner of Crusades), in 1977 at the Aloha Bowl in Honolulu. I was just saved, and seeing Greg, Pastor Chuck, Sweet Comfort and Daniel Amos pretty much blew my doors off. Lots of other tangental points over the years:
coordinating Crusades in New Mexico, Levi dancing in Kids Crusades (ha!), Daniel going forward in Anaheim, etc.
This weekend was over the top though, Levi was back on stage, but not dancing! And crowds were out of control, standing room only, and people were standing at the gates, watching through fences! Amazing. Altar calls filled the outfield and the music of Third Day, Chris Tomlin & Crystal Lewis filled the air. Excellent.
The grand finale was a huge fireworks display with live music from Chris Tomlin- heavenly.
It didn't hurt that I was able to hang out in a Skybox with Jennie, Liv and Lenya, and that we were able to capture all the content I hoped for and more in video interviews for Riptide.
And on Monday, we hooked Don Stewart for an excellent shoot: 'The Biography of Satan,' for Shattered.
As Ephesians says: ... exceeding and abundantly beyond all we can ask......'

Quick snapshots and commentary below.

Come just as you are, Crystal Lewis leading worship as masses come forward Sunday night at the Angels Stadium in Anaheim.
Overtime celebration for the real Angels in heaven.
"Virtual Levi," and larger than life. Co-hosting the crusade with Pastor Chuck and Rick Warren.
Who is this kid?

Rick Warren, 'dropped by,' and was kind enough to give us an interview for Riptide. He also hugged me. Nice guy, if his next book was about Flipper, it could be,
The Porpoise Driven Life.'
Daniel, on the left field set as we prep Chris Tomlin for his interview. He can sing too.
Cathe Laurie, 'hit it out of the park' with her interview for Riptide.
Some people think Angel Stadium was built for baseball games. Not so. Revelation says ALL things were created for the glory of God. Just as the Romans thought they were building their roads for legions and commerce, we know, they were really built for Paul and his first century team! So, this stadium's greatest purpose has been to hold two decades of annual Harvest Crusades. This weekend, the biggest ever. Epic. www.harvestcrusades.com
Amazing $10 million dollar video truck at Harvest. They also used this for the Emmy's. Sweet.

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