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Columbine was the first of the mass murders in our nations schools, it was viewed as the most important story of 1999, and was followed 'very closely' by 70% of the nation.

A few things the media missed at Columbine: Daniel Rohrbough was one of the first teens murdered at Columbine on April 20, 1999, ten years ago. Last week, I spent a few hours with his dad Brian for a video interview. Brian has some inflammatory things to say about both the media and the authorities who covered and handled Columbine. As in, they totally bungled it.
In particular, the media was determined to paint Klebold and Harris as lonely losers who targeted jocks and blacks. Wrong. In fact one of the killers was at his prom a few days before April 20th. There were no real targets, Harris and Klebold wanted a body count.

In fact, a huge headline at Columbine should be what did not happen. These two wanted big carnage. They placed the bombs in a crowded cafeteria then retreated outside to slaughter those who survived the blast as they would have run from the building. In their twisted plans,
the bombs would have brought the library crashing down on the cafeteria, crushing hundreds.
They would have been outside to mow down many more. Thank God the bombs never went off.
The real story is here: one of the killers wore a 'Natural Selection,' t-shirt. The Rocky Mountain News speculated that this must have been a favorite rock band. So wrong again. These two favored German bands, this to underscore their Hitler fascination (April 20th is Hitler's birthday). Natural Selection is shorthand for Darwin's theory that in evolution, nature selects the strong to survive. This was what drove these two. They killed in the school that taught them there were no absolute truths. We shouldn't be shocked when children kill children, they've watched parents kill children in the womb by the millions.

Here is an excerpt of an email from Brian:

I went to court numerous times over seven years to get documents released (about fifty two thousand pages so far) and I deposed the klebold and harris parents. The court sealed those depositions along with another three thousand "sensitive" documents and placed a "protective order" to keep me from disclosing what I learned from the depositions. But I am willing to give my opinion based on facts about these topics and people.
Much of what has been said and written about Columbine is not true. The cause was not "bullying" or the other liberal excuses. harris and klebold said exactly why they were doing this, why they had the right to do this, and how they were going to do this, their reasoning was logical and coherent based on their statements in their "basement videos" and their writings. Most of the people claiming to be experts have never seen either of these, or they are caught up in a social agenda that forces them to ignore this information.

Brian Rohrbough

A memorial in the middle of a park, the high school sits just over the rise, a very dramatic setting.
We interviewed Daniel's father. Brian was articulate, measured and deeply sad. He took responsibility for sending his son to a 'Godless' school teaching a system that led to his murder. He is on a crusade to inform any who will listen about the culture of death that America has allowed to grow up and engulf our children. Brian is now heavily involved in the pro-life movement.
When the memorial first began at Columbine. Someone put up 15 crosses, 13 for those killed, 2 for the killers. Brian Rohrbough called CNN to inform them that in broad daylight he would take down the crosses for Klebold and Harris. "You don't put a memorial for Hitler at a holocaust museum, " he said.
Strong setting, powerful words, with Columbine looming over his shoulder, Brian gave us a
sobering interview about what really was behind the acts at Columbine. Emotional and passionate, he brought two young children to our taping that he has adopted from Russia since the loss of his son.

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Surfcat said...

Wow Thank you Chip for sharing that powerful testimony. What an incredible privledge to be able to find out the true story of what motivated these dark and decieved boys. A sobering message, very sad. We will remember to pray for that father as God gives him the strength to make this tradegy an opportunity to glorify the Lord