Thursday, August 27, 2009

Glen Eyrie

In the early 1950's Billy Graham nearly bought Glen Eryie for his organization. This is a 67 room castle on 700 acres in west Colorado Springs. Built by Gen. William Palmer, founder of the Springs, Glen Eyrie is one of my favorite places on the planet. Totally secluded, but 10 minutes from the city! Surrounded by the red rocks of Garden of the Gods, this is a special and spectacular place. Now owned by the Navigator's, Glen Eyrie is a gem; over the years I've stayed here many times for events and retreat, this week, we paid a filming fee and used the grounds as a set for some video shooting. Great set, fabulous light and look. This will look terrific on screen.
Bob Waliszewski, from Focus on the Family, is the host of Plugged In Media. He had some
great content for Shattered

Early morning hike up a canyon, I felt 'eyes' on me, looking up, a family of mountain goats were looking down on me. They seemed to be saying, 'Can we help you?'
Early morning breakfast on the Castle porch, living like a king - here's the queen.

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