Saturday, March 15, 2008

What a week!

Just 7 days. But wow. Last Sunday, I had a brief getaway to the Taos Ski Valley- a  Rocky Mountain escape with heavy spiritual overtones.
Monday - Wednesday, I was in 75 degree heat at the Calvary Pastor's conference in Tucson. Good times with great old friends.  Thursday, back in ABQ
we had a funeral for a CCABQ Pastor who died of a massive heart attack.  As I walked from the graveside I noticed a voicemail from Brian Ray in Montana. 
Levi, my son had a huge outreach with Greg Laurie and Phil Wickham the night before, where 1,000 people came:  and I expected this to be a message of good news. But no. 
'Levi has had a serious snowmobiling accident and broken his femur, we are on the way to the hospital.'  That was a shock. 24 hours later, on Friday 
I was midway through a nine hour layover in Denver, courtesy of United Airlines. Made it to Montana at midnight and slept (kind of) at the hospital with Levi.
He had three hours of surgery and is doing amazingly well. 
What a week. Let's see what God has next week, it starts with two services at Fresh Life Church, where I am teaching, The Peak to the Pit. I think Levi can relate.

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Becca Clay said...

Your life is such a whirlwind!