Saturday, March 22, 2008

Full Quiver- One broken arrow

Sometimes, I think God overflows our cups even when we aren't asking. Take my children. Please.
(that's an old Johnny Carson joke) Seriously, I never envisioned having a large family.
They just appeared one day. I began to notice at dinner, I was badly outnumbered.
Each child turned out uniquely, and to be an incredible blessing in their own way. Each is on their own path, it is a trip to watch and wonder.
Last weekend I realized that Daniel was in Seattle at an engagement party with his fiance Leanne. Jesse was snowboarding at Wolf Creek in Colorado, Josh was on outreach in Mexico, Levi was busy breaking his leg in Montana, while Heidi and Becca were home in New Mexico.
And now, they are multiplying like rabbits! Jaxon, Alivia & Lenya! Wow- what a major blowout blessing. And the kids are just warming up on pro-creating! By the time Heidi and Jesse kick in, I may need a scorecard to keep track of them! A full quiver indeed.

Above is a picture of Levi relaxing in the snow in Montana. Actually, you can't see it, but his overworked Angel is right behind him, having just prevented an even more serious injury (again) this time from a snowmobiling adventure gone very wrong. A broken femur is a severe injury, but it could have been worse. Thank you Jesus.


Levi Lusko said...

That is a funny thought--my guardian angel. I wonder if he doesn't wish he got a different assignment at times! And with regards to the procreating and us just getting started....Let's just say snowmobiling is not the only thing I consider myself done with!

Becca Clay said...

Lets not talk about Heidi and Jesse kicking in for sometime. Yikes.