Monday, March 10, 2008

Taos- 31 years later

Below is the trail map at the base of the Taos Ski Area.
Up to March 19th, one of three or four areas in the country that don't allow
snowboarding.  I lived in Taos 31 years ago, during my search for skiing utopia.
Working at the Saint Bernard, (I had dinner there Satruday night, more on that later)
and hoping to find truth through powder. Well, Taos is giving up and going boarding next week
so I thought it would be retro to rent skiis and go to Taos. A friend gave me lift tix and that sealed the deal.
Taos has NOT changed in 30 years. Nothing like the growth in Aspen or Summit County. Wow. They kept the vision
for a Swiss destination Ski Chalet Valley. Impressive.

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Levi Lusko said...

so how was the skiing? Did u enjoy it or wish u were boarding?