Friday, March 7, 2008


The little rock star below is my granddaughter Alivia!  the first of three (so far) 
Wow- this stage of life took me totally by surprise (a very pleasant one) 
Smack me on the head and call me Shirley, but I never had a single thought about 
my kids having kids and how sweet it would be. Duh! 
Maybe my band width was taken up in raising my tribe, but it NEVER crossed my mind.
Until a day at a hospital near Laguna Beach: I met a little person named Alivia- now, Lenya and 
Jaxon have followed. The Lord is good. And full of surprises. 


Levi Lusko said...

smack you and call you shirley>? great blog.

Becca Clay said...

Can't go wrong, with kids or animals.