Saturday, March 29, 2008

Off to Israel

Our trip to Israel is just a few days away and after more than a half dozen of these I recognize the countdown phase as I slide towards departure. It's a mixture of excitement, controlled chaos and
'where am I going?' I have been fortunate to be able to bring children on most of these trips, so the separation anxiety is eased and I feel like the travel really contributes to our family.
Daniel has worked on a number of these trips producing video, and that will be the case again now.
I had hoped to bring Heidi along with Levi and his family this time, but Levi decided to break his leg in Montana, so that plan didn't work. Daniel's soon to be bride Leanne took Jenni's spot- she will be working at the conference in Jerusalem that I am organizing. (From 7,000 miles away)
We are also producing a updated tour of Israel, and working on documentary about a boat from AD 100 (
We are interviewing some pretty neat Israeli officials for this one and Daniel is producing a re-enactment of a storm on the Sea of Galilee. But first, I have to get busy about this Conference with Joel Rosenberg, Skip and Pastor Chuck. And oh yes, we have about 1,000 people on this tour between the three groups. Interesting times. Shalom

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Becca Clay said...

Someday you could take me. The forgotten Lusko.