Wednesday, March 19, 2008


18 months ago, I had never been to Montana. Now, I'vd been there 7 times and can't stay away. It's a big
state,  but my Montana universe revolves around the Flathead Valley near the entrance to Glacier National Park.
Whitefish and Kalispell remind me of the Colorado I came west for in 1977.  The valley is drop dead gorgeous, uncrowded
and oh yes, home to my son Levi and his tribe: A wife he doesn't deserve and two daughters  I am scheming to 'borrow'
The Lord is such a comedian sometimes. Before Levi moved to Montana soon (not to be a dental floss tycoon, as Frank Zappa would have it)
to start a church, I spent a weekend up there to look at the area for a friend who wanted to build some radio stations in and around the Flathead Valley.
 Little did I know what God had in store. Before long Levi, and whole flock of friends and staff from CC ABQ would move to Kalispell and Whitefish!
Now, the FCC has granted Levi's church their own Full Power FM and the church is blowing up. Unfortunately, Levi is falling apart, having failed
an Evel Knievel stunt.
Montana is quite an adventure to get to and from. But, wow,is it worth it! Can't wait to get back.

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Levi Lusko said...

Montana is a better place to be when you are here, come back soon.