Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Break

Spring Break in Montana with Larissa & Heidi. Our friends at Pottersfield Ranch were kind enough to provide a nice condo and a pick-up truck for us to drive. Felt like a real resident!
Mush you huskies! Always wanted to do this.
Whitefish, Montana, home of Hammer Nutrition. Met with them to set up a Fresh Life Radio ride next summer.

Heidi Summer Lusko on the first sunset of spring in the Flathead Valley. Saturday night service at the Strand.
Sunday morning at the Whitefish Fresh Life Campus. Packed.
Nice to have Crystal Lewis Ray leading worship with her daughter Izzy & band. Wild new song from Kevin Guido. You'll hear it in the future. I know when I hear a hit.
Levi preaching the Rise & Rise Again series. The intro video was outrageous.
Side trip with Levi & Coy to Billings, where Fresh Life Radio is getting a new FM station. This could be a future location for a Skull Church Event.

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