Thursday, March 10, 2011

Two Weeks of High Speed Snapshots

Tucson Conference- Highlights?
Pastor Chuck was there for all three days- wonderful
to be able to see him and hang out.
Mike Macintosh, Bob Coy & Steve Mays were there along with Don McClure and many more......including of course, Pedro.
Levi & Bob Coy compare study note technology
Tappan dinner with Scott and Pam Richards. Planning some diving excursions hopefully.
Sunday night at ABQ. Anthem launch for Nick Crespo & the Phoenix team- Arizona will never be the same. Glad to serve on his board and help blow things up in AZ.
Pre-game green room
Weekend in Fla- classic corner at Calvary of Ft. Lauderdale.
Also watched their lacrosse team practice. Really.
Spent a big weekend at Calvary in Miami- one year anniversary for Life FM
Guest speaker at Rebel Church.
Got to know Ben Houston from Sydney. He thinks I have an accent.

Good to see Pedro kicks off the One Conference for next year. Epic.

Excellent speakers, yes. But a conference with a cause.

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