Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Where the work gets done

With a double rainbow overhead & various birds chirping about, this is a sanctuary where a lot work gets done.
I take the calls I want, and nobody just drops by to ask if I have 'just a minute.' Great coffee helps the process,
and what did I do before wireless internet? I can still hear the screech of AOL logging on by phone at 56, then: 'you've got mail.' Seems like that was the dark ages.
It is a happy day.


eric m. said...

nice. I remember 56k and even 28.8 and 14.4k modems back in the day.... But how about the late 80s and prior? It was a different world. Fortunately, I didn't have to work in it but I can only imagine a time when if you wanted to talk on the phone you had to be home, at the office, or pull over and find a payphone. And many letters were typed up and sent by mail. One rarely hears the all but forgotten clickety clack of an old fashioned typewriter anymore. These days we can do 10 times more work in one tenth the time; that is if we choose not to let ourselves get sidetracked by the vast repository of time sucking devices contained within the Internet. Speaking of which, I must get back to work (Sorry Levi, if you are reading this).

Levi Lusko said...

Haha! Eric you get so much done in a week that the occasional blog comment probably helps increase productivity.

Dad, I too am in my outdoor office and loving it! Like father like son.

Becca Clay said...

But wait, "Do you have a minute?"