Friday, July 11, 2008

Hungry Sheep, Dangerous Sheep

We celebrated the 4th early at CCABQ with about 4,000 of our close friends. Bible at 30 k went mobile and people came early to eat. The caterer didn't bring enough food and he fled. Leaving me to scamper to McD's (I wore a disguise) and order hundreds of hamburgers. Seriously. It was a biblical setting, hundreds of people wandering around the park looking for food. They were gnawing the bark off our trees and giving me looks of death. I had to deliver. Papa John's Pizza and hundreds of double cheeseburgers and voila! They loved me. It was quasi-messianic. People thanked me around campus with french fries hanging out of their mouths. I know how the disciples must have felt in the wilderness: When Jesus said you give them something to eat!
It was tense for while, next year: new food company. I don't want this flock turning on me.

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