Saturday, July 26, 2008

Christopher Laurie

It's a very hollow feeling these past days since we learned that Chrisotpher Laurie was killed in a traffic accident in Southern California.
At 33 with a young wife, a daughter and a child due in November, Christopher's death is more than tragic. I've known Topher for almost 15 years, I first got to know him when we were on Oahu with his dad Greg and did some body surfing together.  I had worked on a  project with him when he was at a design firm in Corona del Mar, and found him easy going and talented.
Recently, I ran into Christopher at a coffee shop and we had a nice time of catching up. 
Being a pastor's  son alone has challenges-I certainly saw that with my boys. I cannot imagine what Greg and Cathe are going through. When I received the call, my stomach fell out - and I have not fully recovered.  For Christians, we know all the facts, but still, death often ambushes us and our minds go on tilt.
I am sure Harvest, Greg and all of us who  knew Christopher would take this opportunity to rededicate ourselves to getting the gospel to those who do not have the hope we share. 
Imagine for a moment what parents face in this situation who do not know Jesus Christ..... that should provide motivation to move beyond the grief, and get our hand on the plow.

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jesselusko said...

Dad you are such a great writer. You just wrote some true and powerful words. Death is painful, so we ought to preach the resurecction more and more.