Friday, April 18, 2008

Up against the Wall

Avoiding Rabbi Rush Hour

Ever since I discovered, a live web cam at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, I wanted to wave a family who would watch live and be impressed with this plan.
While a live still is cool- it isn't that exciting. But wait, a new video streaming cam has been installed, and now I could go mobile, live from Jew-rusalem.
Last week, at 5 AM Israel Daylight Time, I did just that- walking and waving as Levi, Becca and Heidi looked on in great wonder.

The Wall is always impressive, but at 5 AM- it is silent, empty and awesome. The  orthodox dominate, and a few were present, but by the time I left- the Hassidic Jews were arriving with all sorts of prayer shawls and paraphernalia.  They were punching in for a day or
work at the wall. This is their full time –government supported job.
Forget separation of church and state in Israel!

If you get a chance, go to the Wall, but get there before 6 to avoid Rabbi Rush hour.

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Becca Clay said...

Yes, but where is the nearest Starbucks? Where there is rush hour, there is coffee