Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Israel @ 60

I knew I had passed a plateau in Israel on my last trip when I had meetings all over the country and never made it to any traditional tourist sites, the Wall, Tomb etc.

This time has been all business so far- It is quite a different spin on Israel for me. I am seeing a whole different side of the Land, working with Israeli film crews, having stress and meeting
deadlines. Much different than a bus tour!  I feel good about it. Really working with Israeli's they are warm, qualified and friendly- it is kind of a fantasy world- working in this environment, I LIKE It.
Just over there is the Temple mount, and on my way to an appointment, I pass the Mt. of Olives, but no time for tourism.
The Epicenter Conference is tomorrow- quite a project, 7,000 miles and several languages from home, I work with a terrific, tireless crew from the Connection. These are great people who make it happen.

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