Thursday, April 3, 2008

Aloha Israel

11 short hours cramped in a back bulkhead row (read: eat your knees) and we land in Tel Aviv with a few hundred close friends. Joining tours with Pastor Chuck and Joel Rosenberg, well, this is not a tour, it is an invasion. It's always a trip driving around here with freeway exits marked:
"Nazareth' or 'Bethlehem 10 kms" ! Bible-land indeed with a McDonalds at Armageddeon.
Location, location. Someone at Big Mac heard all the world's armies will one day converge here
so........ Someone needed to tell him they would be busy igniting the end of the world, not buying Quarter Pounders.


Levi Lusko said...

now that is funny

Becca Clay said...

your crazy

jesselusko said...

You are always so witty... Witty, witty, witty.