Monday, April 9, 2012

From Miami to Montana
From Michigan to New Mexico,
God is moving in America

 The invitation starts now
I think Joel Rosenberg is dead on with his analysis of America at the crossroads of either Implosion or another Great Awakening.  The optimist in me looks at the way God is moving and I remember that even a remnant of 10 righteous can restrain judgment. On the other hand, Eastern Europe was recently plunged into totalitarianism due in large part to a slumbering church.
And yet, a cross section of this past weekend reveals a fresh move of the Spirit.  In Miami, Pedro Garcia and company are zeroing in on the heart of Miami. God deals with cities because the population is dense and trends are set here.  With Hurricane Pedro unleashed, look out Miami.
In Montana, the Majestic Rodeo arena again became a sanctuary for a weekend where hundreds responded to the gospel invitation. Remarkable. I am without words to explain what it is like to watch what is happening through Levi & his team.
Friday night alone, Red rocked it and 240 people came forward at the invitation.

As a side note, Sunday, I met a new band, For King and Country, originally from Australia, and made up of family members of Rebecca St. James. The depth and quality of music and ministry was obvious. It was one of the most refreshing presentations I have seen in some time.

Meanwhile in New Mexico, Lobo Stadium again held nearly 20,000 people for the annual sunrise service. 
This is an event I had been part of producing for each of the past 20 years.  Here's a video Daniel produced to introduce Skip's teaching: 

The Ransom Project vol. 1 DEATH
The Ransom Project vol. 1 DEATH

And what about Michigan? I don't have any specific examples, just hope for my home state. 
And the Lord knows, Detroit needs grace.

This just a small sampling of what is happening across America. 
Easy to go on and on about Steven Furtick and Elevation in Charlotte, Greg Laurie and Harvest in So Cal,  Louie Giglio at Passion City in Atlanta, etc. etc.  This should give us hope.  Dark as America may be in many quarters, thank God that many other churches are going and growing in Miami, Montana, New Mexico and nationwide. 
May the Lord have mercy on our nation, one way or the other, things will not remain the same. 

What's it going to be, Implosion or Awakening? 
That's the real vote we will cast with our lives this year.

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