Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New Hearts, Broken Hearts & Flaming Hearts

Dick Cheney's doctor says his recent heart transplant may extend the former Vice President's  life by ten years or more. 
That is fantastic for Mr. Cheney. It is no picnic to sit on the brink of death because of heart disease. Dick Cheney knows this, his first heart attack happened at age 37, now 71, he has a new heart and a life extension.  But this is a temporary solution, eventually, this heart too will give out. That's why the amazing promise of Ezekiel 36:26  is so reassuring.  A new heart to replace a stony heart, that's a final fix for the broken heart of man. 
Physical heart disease is the most prevalent cause of death in America. 
Spiritual heart disease is the universal problem in the human condition, and without intervention, it is always fatal.
There is  no bypass operation for this one.
Dick Cheney is fortunate indeed, he waited nearly two years for an available heart. No wonder, 800,000 people are in need of heart transplants, yet only 3,500 operations take place worldwide each year. 
So, more than 98 per cent are disappointed. 
As wonderful as a heart transplant may be, a spiritual replacement is far superior:
  • No one is rejected- Whosoever will….
  • It is permanent- God's Gift is eternal life
  • No scars, for us- Jesus was pierced

The average 70 year-old will spend 20 years sleeping, 6 years eating, 5 years dressing and preparing, 2 years on the phone, 3 years waiting (mainly on women). So the question remains, for the limited number of heart beats we are granted, how many are devoted to Kingdom work?  
Eight months after my Miami ambulance ride, I can hear my heart beat at night and I thank God. But I also know my shelf life is limited and I am determined to make a mark for the Kingdom.
We need to consider where our heart is at with the Lord.
Have we had our broken hearts replaced?
If so, do our hearts burn with passion, power and gratitude? Only flaming hearts will do.

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Steve Stucker said...

Awesome Reminder of Our Brevity here on earth Chip...and the Ways We WASTE it. Keep up the Great Work for the Kingdom. I hope to see you there some day soon!!

Steve Stucker