Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Does God read the sports page?

Tebowmania has swept the country, this we know: From SNL to the Wall Street Journal to NFL Live, I have never seen anything quite like it.

Kurt Warner was faith visible, and dozens of NFL players gather for prayer mid-field after all games, but Tim has taken it to a new level.

Never before has a players character affected sports commentary in such a severe way.

As a Christian and a Bronco fan, I was taken aback by the virulent anti-Tebow rhetoric from ESPN etc. Is he over the top? Should he dial it back a notch or two? I don't think so. Seems to me, this is the genuine Tim Tebow. The larger question that arises from all the credit the Lord gets from NFL wins is, 'Does God care about football?'

The answer is easy, of course He does, not because He is a Bronco fan though. God cares about football because we do. What concerns man, concerns God; He cares equally about polo as He does about the Super Bowl, as He does about chess. The heart of man is always the issue in heaven.

During the recent improbable Bronco winning streak, nearly one thousand people died from flooding in the Philippines, while hundreds were massacred in Syria. Meanwhile in the Sudan, famine is a daily life and death issue, and I am thinking that kind of story should capture our attention, emotion and support.

I lived in Colorado during the Elway years, as a whole region was swept along with Bronco fever, it was fun, but I do not think it was all that healthy, and I am sure it was not balanced in terms of a worldview. After all, pro sports is largely made up of spoiled millionaires playing a game. So bravo to Tim Tebow for his boldness and his balance.

And yes, God reads the sports page, but I think He first turns to the obituaries. That's the real news.

Jesus wept, not at a soccer game, but at a cemetery.

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