Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011- It's Only A Number Now

Happy to be vertical for 2012. Everybody wants to go to heaven, nobody wants to die, now there is a cliche that I can relate to. And here is another that rings loud and clear: It is all about the family. True, true. In June, when I was on the brink, I wasn't thinking about the unfinished projects on my iPad. I wasn't texting my assistant from the ambulance, I was alone in Miami and I wanted to reach my family. So at the close of 2011, the people in my family and not projects are on my heart.

Larissa- 2011 at our favorite coffee shop in Miami

Valentines Day 2005

Where are they now? L-R: Daniel & Leanne live in ABQ, Daniel is working on his first feature film, Leanne teaches piano, and they are expecting soon! Jason & Becca, just moved to Denver with Jaxon & Brigette, mixed emotions for me. Levi & Jennie live in Montana, where Levi is pastor of Fresh Life Church, with Alivia, Lenya, Daisy and another one on the way! BTW: Alivia is in this photo, she just hasn't been born yet!

MIA: Josh, (works at Apple at ABQ Uptown) married to Tamara with sweet Aisley. Heidi, still at home for now, went to UNM this fall, attending Bible College in York, England in February. Jesse works as a pastor at Calvary. Bekah leads worship and attends UNM.

Most of the growing fam

Larissa- teaching at She, the women's ministry at Calvary

Aisley, what a doll

What can you say about a boy named Jaxon?

Hi! Brigette

Levi & Jennie with the girls in Whitefish

Pedro Garcia, younger brother I never had!

The Fab Lusko Five, smiling and styling, Knob Hill, October 2011

Bekah & Jesse-dog

Daniel, Leanne & Co.

Okay- here is one project I completed in 2011, Never Surrender, the documentary story of General Jerry Boykin.

And if I had a bucket list (I don't) hiking rim to rim across the Grand Canyon last May would have been on it. Check.
Now, let's move on, shall we?

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