Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Week in Review

Larissa- teaching about manna Tuesday at Women at Calvary. Excellent, now after Levi, Jesse and Larissa, I get to be the fourth best Lusko teacher.

Below: Sunday- Up to Colorado Springs for an interview with Ryan Dobson for Riptide.
Million dollar set: Pikes Peak in the background.

Spring snowstorm at Sandia, so Friday afternoon, up the Tram with Jesse, Nathan & Skip. Great snow.
Unclear why they are flying an Arizona flag here in New Mexico.

Coffee and Snickers after a few runs always fires up the snowboard jets.
Jesse, tramming it. Just 20 minutes from church and we are up to the Crest of Sandia for snowboarding. Longest Tram span in the US. But I think Palm Springs claims this too.

Easter TV shoot at Lobo Stadium, Skip & Stephen Baldwin, with an attitude.

Rolling into Lobo Stadium in my pony.

Ready for the Easter shoot.

Above, you can tell who has practice posing. Below, they both do.


Chris said...

Awesome pictures!

Larissa said...

Nice teaching picture!!!!!! You couldn't capture a better shot?