Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tuscon Conference

Daniel, Jesse and I headed for Tuscon recently for a Calvary Conference. Daniel came to shoot some interviews, Jesse and I were there as part of the CCABQ staff. We met Levi there, as he was one of the speakers. Good times.
Levi, James MacDonald and Greg Laurie in the green room, causing trouble.
Pedro Garcia, a human hurricane from Miami, and the Lusko Pirates. Dinner at Chili's, not exactly my choice. But it was a fun to have the fella's together.

I had heard a lot about James MacDonald, but I had never met him or listen to him teach.
That changed in Tuscon recently at the SW Pastor's Conference. He is a character as well as a strong and biblical teacher.
This year a stellar line-up included Alistair Begg, Skip, Pedro, Levi and James. Greg Laurie came in to hang out and be a part of a pretty wild Q & A session. The theme was the life of David, and the takeaway was significant.
Skip was surgical, James was comical and powerful. Levi was... well, it is stunning to see my son in such company, but he was sharp, deep and crisp.
Pedro was passionate, while Damian Kyle, was as usual, convicting. Gayle Erwin, was Gayle Erwin!

Conference Speakers -

Skip Heitzig

Jack Hibbs

Gayle Erwin

James MacDonald

Levi Lusko

Damian Kyle

Pedro Garcia

Alistair Begg

Don McClure

Robert Furrow

You can hear the teaching archive at

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Levi Lusko said...

ah yes--tucson--the city where my iphone bit the dust...sadness.