Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Major Montana Invasion

Downtown Whitefish, just outside Montana Coffee Traders. Not all the time I would have liked for biking, busy weekend with the radio station and all. So ministry comes first, but Levi and I found time to spin around the village.
Interview with Crystal Lewis for Riptide. We were also able to hang out with her horses.
Jaxon and an 8 foot Grizzly. Amazed and confused.

I was able to combine several projects in Montana this weekend. So Larissa, myself, Daniel, Leanne, Heidi and even Jaxon took off for the Flathead Valley. We did some key interviews for Riptide and then on Sunday, we signed on the new Fresh Life radio station KFLF. We even added some content for Shattered that will be included in the final cut. Above is the KFLF studio just after we went on the air. Levi is documenting on his Iphone and Alivia is waiting for her chance to go on the air.

Larissa and I stayed at the Whitefish Lodge right on the lake. I love this area, mellow mountain ski town. My kind of place.

Busy with a camera crew and the radio station, we were able to get in a quick ride around Whitefish, wish there would have been time for more, but ministry comes before cycling.
Daniel, Levi & Heidi- good to see them hanging out.

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