Monday, October 12, 2009

Drive by blogging from the past week:

Catching up:
Lest I be charged with spiritual boasting, I know that I am the chief off all sinners.
But God's grace has allowed me to be used by Him. Which points out that there is some desparation for talent in heaven (the laborers are few). And now, it is a trip to see what the Lord is doing through my fam, i.e.: Just in the last week:
  • Sunday: Josh led worship at Metro Calvary
  • Monday: Heidi named to Homecoming Court at Hope Christian (see above pic)
  • Tuesday: Larissa taught at Women at Calvary
  • Wednesday: Daniel released demo reel of films he has directed:
  • Saturday: Jesse taught at Vertical
  • Sunday: Levi packed out his church in Montana (again)
  • Becca rested. (she is pregnant with a daughter for the Lusko Southern Tribe)
  • And me? Did a few things, like, also schemed ways to get a pro cycling sponsorship so I can bike 50 miles a day and get paid for it!

No one is more amazed by this grace than me, truly, God is good, all the time!

I've been going to Santa Fe for 20 years. Great getaway, and only 45 miles away. We exit I-25 on St. Francis drive and go the to plaza for food and vibe. Wellllll, after all these years, I wandered over to a Catholic church, and who knew, the church, the street and the patron saint of Santa Fe is... St. Francis of Assisi, the cool monk who loved chipmunks. In fact, the first, and one of the few decent Christian films I've seen is, Brother Sun, Sister Moon, it is about the good saint. Okay, our Catholic friends are a little whack with the dead popes laying around the Vatican (really) and all.
But I like this guy.

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