Friday, February 13, 2009

What a Weekend

Okay, I'm getting around to my own weekend update. Thanks Levi for lending yours temporarily.
Playing musical pulpits, Skip went to So Cal to fill in for Greg Laurie at Harvest ( I planned to go, but no..... Levi came down from Montana to fill in for Skip,
so, no contest I stayed in ABQ. Even though Skip was debuting the Jesus Boat Documentary that Daniel and I just locked this week. Jesse and Josh drove up from Bible College to help at the resource table, so it was a real family affair. Meanwhile, back in Abq, after Levi blew it up preaching at 4 services, I was prepping for a night on stage with Jim Caviezel. To prepare, I watched the Passion of the Christ everywhich way but loose. With commentary by Mel Gibson, with footnotes and then special features. Painful and powerful, but I had to get ready for 90 minutes of the ultimate in special features, as Jim commented on highlights of the film that I chose. 3,000 people showed up, and it was an extraordinary night. Jim wandered a bit,
(" I am a Roman Catholic") and " I am still the Count of Monte Christo!" Interesting.
But I am a highly skilled professional, (ha!) and I reeled him in as needed. Generally, he was right on.
Loved the challenge. It was a highlight.
Monday, I blew out for Nashville, to the mixed blessing of the National Religous Broadcasters Convention. Highlights: Erwin Lutzer, Cliff Barrows & Charles Stanley. Lowlights: The name of the convention says it all. more later on the NRB.

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