Tuesday, February 24, 2009

An American Lion

Fast Facts about Andrew Jackson- 7th President

Only President to pay off the national debt
Held public parties at the White House
Dueled and killed someone who insulted his wife
Had a temper, obviously

While in Nashville recently, I stopped off at the home of Andrew Jackson. I always try to see some history when I travel. Unless I am in Las Vegas which has no history.
Also am reading a bio of Jackson that Levi suggested, called 'The American Lion.' Jackson doesn't get the hype of Jefferson, Washington & Lincoln, but he was a big dog of a president.
Plus I always like to see him on a $20.
 Seeing the Hermitage, which is maintained superbly, is a trip back in time.

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Becca Clay said...

I have to contest that. Gangsters started Vegas, Um hello,Prohibition? There is SOME history there just not the white wig wearing kind. But I like this Lion guy.