Friday, June 6, 2008

Greg Laurie: Lost Boy

Here's a picture of Greg Laurie who has really adopted Levi and given him some terrific opportunities at Harvest and
Harvest Crusades.
My history with Harvest goes back to the Dark Ages. Just after I was saved in Hawaii, I was living at a Calvary Christian Commune called Shiloh in Honolulu. I was in a bit of culture lifestyle shock when we all went to the
Aloha Bowl for a Harvest Event. Pastor Chuck was there, along with music from Daniel Amos for sure, and I think Oden Fong and Mustard Seed Faith. DA was doing a revolutionary concept album, Shotgun Angel, unheard at that time.
This was one of the early versions of what would become Harvest Crusades. Little did I know...
A year later, I was living in So Cal, and helping start Calvary Southbay, one weekend I spent in Palm Springs and didn't go to a church on Sunday morning- driving home through Riverside, I remembered something about Greg, but did not know where or even if he had a PM service. I just randomly pulled off the 91 and followed a car with a Jesus sticker till I saw people carrying Bibles! Sure enough, they led to a Episcopal Church that Harvest was using. Pretty magical night. Sweet Comfort played and Greg preached it up.
Eventually, I would get to know Greg at Pastor's conferences,Crusades and serve with him on the CCABQ Board and on the Epicenter project.
Now, he is adopting Levi- that's fine, but he has grandchildren of his own!
The Lord is pretty amazing.
Check out Greg's new book, Lost Boy at

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eric m. said...

ha. i love your old school GPS (Godly Positioning System) to get to church. ok that was bad. but seriously, those are some awesome memories and this is exactly why more old people should blog. oops, i didn't mean it like that. i meant more... seasoned people. yes. seasoned. like with salt. and stuff.

i still listen to da's shotgun angel to this day, almost 30 years after its initial release. wow now i feel old. good thing i'm blogging too.