Tuesday, June 3, 2008


The Mouse and Me

I first went to Disneyland in the spring of 1970. On spring break from Michigan, my parents took me to So Cal for the first time.
Little did I know........
Alone at 18, Disneyland was an interesting experience. I had grown up watching The Wonderful World of Disney every Sunday night.
When the Beatles were on Ed Sullivan at a  competing time, I would have rather watched the Swamp Fox on Disney. But this was well before Tivo and
my parents insisted on watching the Beatles. Lots of screaming, little music.

My next stop at Disneyland came in  about 1978, post- Christian salvation, and working at KBRT in Los Angeles, Disneyland was 25 and they closed th park for a media party.
This spoiled me.  A few thousand people in the Magic Kingdom, with free food and no lines. Wow. 
All experiences in Anaheim pale beside that one. However, a recent trip with the Lusko Tribe comes close, Becca, Levi, Heidi and three great childrren really was a treat.
I avoided the dreaded Tea Cups like a plague! -

Another Disney high came in the mid 90s  when Harvest did a mini-Disney Crusade at the Park. The Kry came up on the Tommorrowland stage and Skip, Greg, Ricky Ryan and other preached
it up. I took Jesse Jeremiah, and we had a blast. 

At various stages and ages, each Lusko child, Daniel, Levi, Becca and all made trips to So Cal with me from Colorado and New Mexico on various business excursions.
Reminds me of the time I took Levi to MGM in Vegas fot a convention.... but that's another blogstory.


Becca Clay said...

Good blogging. A little humor, a little reminiscing. Well rounded but no too long. The picture of Alivia is like the icing on the Disney Cake.

eric m. said...

that is very interesting. Even though Disneyland is barely 50 years old, it already seems part of American history since it has been such an unforgettable part of so many people's childhood memories.

I have been there so many times, but every time I go, I still feel as if it is special and a place like no other. I've even been to Disney World and I didnt feel the magic. Maybe I'm biased.

Anyway it was fun to see you and a good portion of the lusko crew enjoying such a memorable day. I certainly know it was a day that jaxon and lenya shan't ever forget.